Welcome to the Green Employer Homepage

Green Careers is a new initiative by CDS to help current and prospective students, alumni, and faculty/staff locate employers and employment opportunities classified as “green.” 

This Employers section of Green Careers is organized into two separate areas, each containing specific and unique content related to posting your company information and job and internship openings before our students and graduates.  To qualify for inclusion within this site employers must meet the following criteria:  

Green employers are companies and organizations that have been certified or highly recognized as being eco-friendly from multiple sources including Ceres, EPA’s Green Power Partnership, and or The Vault Guide to Green Programs. We recognize that new certifying entities for green companies and employers are regularly evolving.  As it is our intent to be as inclusive as possible, we greatly welcome all legitimate requests by employers to be added to this list.   Employers seeking to be included as a green company on this site should please contact Career Development Services at cdsjobs@njit.edu

Green jobs and internship postings contain a database of opportunities that are listed specifically for NJIT students and graduates.   While there is no single or exact definition for green jobs, the jobs and internships opportunities found within this database focus on preserving or restoring the quality of the environment.  Employers seeking to post their green employment and internship opportunities at NJIT should do so through the CDS On-Line System powered by Experience eRecruiting.  Once here simply follow the instructions for creating an account, uploading your resume, and applying to green jobs.