Five Steps to a Successful Job Search

Plan Your Job Search


A plan makes your job search easier, less frustrating, and more successful. Visualize the job you want. What skills do you have? What do you enjoy doing? How can you get paid for doing it? Develop a "Job Search Planner" to translate this vision into a job search goal. Then determine a strategy or approach to reach your goal. Next, list the key steps necessary to implement your strategy. Finally, target the people to contact who can help you.


Get Organized


Use an organizer to identify the tasks discussed in "Resources," "Resumes," and "Networking" sections that are critical to getting started. Organize the tasks into a list of "things to do." Set deadlines. Then just do it!


Do Your Homework


Preparation gives you the competitive edge. A display of intimate knowledge about an industry, a company or a job is crucial to getting the job you want. It will pay dividends.


Work Hard And Smart


There is no substitute for working hard and smart. Working hard turns up unexpected opportunities. Working smart eliminates time-wasting diversions. When in doubt, act. Do something simple and then build on it.

Be Persistent



Take full responsibility for getting the job you want and never give up. One more phone call may lead to exactly the job you want.


"Competing for a job is a full-time job"