Applied Mathematics

Applied mathematicians develop and analyze mathematical models of complex real-world phenomena using available data, identifying relationships and patterns, etc. They test, validate and interpret solutions to provide a better understanding of processes and develop optimal solutions. Mathematics graduates today find careers in biotechnology and pharmaceuticals, in manufacturing, in emerging technologies such as fiber optic communications, in aerospace industries, in the financial industry, and in energy-related industries.


Related Career Titles for Applied Mathematics

Actuary Astronomer

Actuary Contract Administrator

Aerospace Engineer

Air Traffic Controller

Applied Science Technologist

Artificial Intelligence Developer

Benefits Administrator


Computer Consultant

Computer Engineer

Computer Installation Specialist

Commodity Manager

Cost Estimator

Credit Manager


Data Control Administrator

Data Processing Manager

Database Manager


EDP Auditor


Economist Mortgage Researcher


Employee Relations Specialist

Engineering Lab Technician

Environmental Technologist

External Auditor

Inventory Control Specialist

Investment Banker

ISO 2000 Specialist

Market Research Analyst


Math Teacher

Media Buyer


Network Programmer

Numerical Analyst

Operations Research Analyst


Pollution Meteorologist

Production Manager

Production Support Specialist


Real Estate Planner

Research Analyst

Risk Analyst

Robotics Programmer

Satellite Specialist

Software Developer

Software Engineer

Software Support Specialist

Statistician Systems Analyst

Systems Engineer

Systems Programmer

Technical Writer

Technical Support Representative

Industries and Organizations That Hire Applied Math Majors


Elementary/High Schools


U.S. Dept. of Treasury

Computer Firms

Software Developers

Oil Companies

Consulting Firms

Banks Laboratories

Television Studios

Travel Agencies

Architecture Firms


NASA Think Tanks

U.S. Department of Defense

Insurance Companies   


Web Sites for Applied Math Majors



Mathematical Sciences Career Information

Math Archives

The Mathematical Association of America

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