Chemical Engineering

Chemical Engineering is particularly adaptable to solving the technological problems of modern society. Chemical engineers are employed by government and industrial firms. They make invaluable contributions to improving the quality of life by producing pharmaceutical products to cure disease, fertilizers and pesticides to help feed a growing population, fabrics to clothe us, and petroleum products to warm our homes and move our cars. Chemical engineers also are deeply involved in preventing and treating pollution.


Related Career Titles for Chemical Engineering

Agricultural/Natural Resources Researcher


Brand/Product Manager

Chemical Engineer

Chemistry Technician

Computer Programmer

Computer Systems Analyst


Design/Construction Engineer

Distribution Specialist

Environmental/Sanitation Engineer

Field Engineer

Financial Analyst

Hardware Designer and Development

Industrial Engineer

Industrial Hygienist

Manager of Information Systems

Manufacturing Engineer

Market Researcher

Occupational Safety Engineer

Operations Supervisor

Pharmaceutical Researcher

Portfolio Manager/Broker

Process Engineer (Chemical)

Production Engineer

Product Engineer

Quality Assurance Engineer

Research and Development


Software Engineer

Systems Engineer

Testing Engineer

Industries That Hire Chemical Engineering Majors



Industrial Firms

Pharmaceutical Companies

Environmental Agencies

Biotechnical Firms


Food Products Companies

Research Institutes

Centers for Disease Control

Public Health Services

Chemical Companies

Petroleum Companies

Law Firms

Food and Drug Administration

Household Care Product Manufacturers

National Institute of Environmental Health Science


High Schools

Computer Companies

Military Services

Publishing Houses

Engineering Firms

Personal Care Product Manufacturers

Consulting Companies


Investment Firms


Department of Agriculture

Department of Health and Human Services


Web Sites For Chemical Engineering Majors

Careers in Chemical Engineering

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