Chronological Resumes

The Chronological Resume has a different objective than the Functional Resume. This resume is intended to emphasize work history rather than skills. This resume is best suited for individuals who have held a series of positions within a particular field or industry and who are continuing to search for work within that same field. This format works well for individuals with solid experience and a logical job history. This type of resume can be detrimental to individuals who do not have a solid work history or have not been given increased responsibility throughout all of their positions. Recent graduates may find this type of resume difficult to write due to the fact that they may not have a solid work history in a particular field. Headings that should be included in a chronological resume are as follows:
  1. Objective- A statement describing career goals and type of position desired.
  2. Education- Lists all educational institutions attended, degrees earned, majors, GPA, awards earned, and activities in which an individual participated. Dates MUST be included for all educational institutions.
  3. Experience- Lists the names of the companies, the title that the individual held, the dates that the individual held the position, and the location of the company. All positions MUST be in chronological order with dates listed.
  4. Skills- Contains all computer skills. This section in a Chronological Resume contains ONLY technical skills.
  5. Professional Affiliations/Community Affiliations- Lists all affiliations of which an individual is a member.

Example of a Chronological Resume