The Co-op Resume

What is a co-op resume?
The co-op resume is used by the New Jersey Institute of Technology’s Division of Career Development Services as part of the referral process for the Cooperative Education Program. Each student who applies to the program is required to submit a resume.

What is included in a co-op resume?

The type of information that appears on the co-op resume is similar to that of other types of resumes. The headings that should be included on the co-op resume are Objective, Availability, Education, Honors/Awards, Key Courses, Computer Skills, Work Experience, Community Service, Professional Affiliations, and Skills/Interests/Activities. The main difference between the co-op resume and other types of resumes is the Availability section. This section helps employers and the career development staff know when you are available to work in a co-op placement. A sample of what a co-op resume should look like is located below.

Sample Co-op Resume