Industrial Engineering

The Industrial Engineering program prepares students to apply problem-solving techniques in almost every kind of organization imaginable. Industrial Engineering graduates work in banks, hospitals/health facilities, government organizations, manufacturing, and service industries. A few examples of typical assignments for our graduates are optimizing the allocation of resources, developing new productivity techniques, establishing standards for different types of activities, designing and installing manufacturing systems, designing materials handling systems, and designing efficient operating techniques.





Related Career Titles for Industrial Engineering


College or University Professor

Computer Programmer


Design Engineer

Design/Construction Engineer

Engineering Manager

Financial Analyst

Hardware Engineer

High School Teacher

Human Factors Analyst

Human Resources Manager

Industrial Engineer

Maintenance Manager

Maintenance Supervisor

Management Trainee

Manufacturing Engineer

Market Researcher

MIS Manager

Occupational Safety and Health Engineer


Process Engineer

Production Engineer

Production Supervisor

Project Manager

Public Accountant

Quality Control Engineer

Research and Development Specialist

Safety Engineer

Safety Inspector

Software Engineer

System Analyst

Technical Trainer

Testing Engineer




Industries That Hire Industrial Engineering Majors

Aerospace Product and Parts Manufacturers

Agriculture, Forestry, Fishing, & Hunting Organizations

Building, Developing, & General Contracting Services

Chemical Companies

Communication Services

Computer and Electronic Products Manufacturers

Computer Systems Design/Computer Consulting Consulting Services

Electrical Equipment, Appliance, & Component Manufacturing

Employment Services

Engineering Services

Financial Services

Federal Government

State and Local Government

Investigation & Security Services

Medical Equipment & Supplies Manufacturers

Metals Manufacturers

 Mining Services

Museums, Historical Sites, & Similar Institutions

Nonmetallic Mineral Products

Paper Manufacturing

Petroleum & Coal Products

Pharmaceutical Companies

Plastics & Rubber Products

Printing & Related Support Activities

Personal Care Products

Textile Mills

Transportation Services

Transportation Equipment


Wood Products

Wholesale Trade




Web Sites for Industrial Engineering Majors


Engineering Central: Jobs for Industrial and Manufacturing Engineers


Institute of Industrial Engineers


Human Factors and Ergonomics Society (HFES)


Institute for Operations Research and the Management Sciences- (INFORMS)




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