Nursing students learn to provide nursing care collaboratively with other health professionals within complex health care system. Students will be prepared respond to the health needs of individuals, families and the community. Graduates practice autonomously as generalists in a variety of health care settings.


Related Career Titles for Nursing

Acute Care Nurse

Community Health Nurse

Mental Health Nurse

Neonatal Nurse

Correctional Health Nurse


Home Health Care Nurse

Laboratory Technician

Adolescent Nurse Specialist

Public Health Nurse


Nurse Practitioner

Hospital Administrator

Health Educator

Critical Care Nurse

Relief Worker

Trauma Care Nurse

Pulmonary Care Nurse

Emergency Room Nurse

Oncology Nurse

Head Nurse

Registered Nurse

Military Official

Neurological Nurse

Ambulatory Care Nurse

Occupational Therapist

Physicians Assistant

Oncology Nurse

Psychiatric Nurse

School Health Nurse

Brand/Product Manager

Nurse Anesthetist

Gerontology Nurse

Pediatric Nurse

College/University Professor

Spinal Cord Injury

Insurance Claims Administrator


Industries That Hire Nursing Majors

Public Health Organizations

University Hospitals

Consulting Services

Pharmaceuticals Companies

U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs

Research Hospitals

Nursing Homes

Search and Rescue Teams

Fire Departments

Federal Government

State Government

Laboratory and Diagnostic Services

American Red Cross

Peace Corps

US Army

Centers for Disease Control

American Heart Association

U.S. Department of Navy

Outpatient Clinics

Insurance Companies

Indian Health Service

National Health Service Corps.

Primary Care Providers

Medical Doctors Offices


Social Services Agencies

American Cancer Society

Physical Therapy Facilities


Web Sites for Nursing Majors


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