Statistics and Actuarial Science

Statistics deals with techniques for collecting and analyzing numerical data for the purpose of solving real-life problems. Statistical techniques are widely used in the pharmaceutical industry, engineering, education, political science, medicine and many other areas. Actuarial science is concerned with the application of mathematical probability to the design of financially sound insurance and pension programs.





Related Career Titles for Statistics and Actuarial Science

Financial Analyst


Actuarial Analyst



Management Trainee





Stock Broker

Claims Representative


Research Scientist

 Account Manager

Opinion Research Specialist


Data Analyst

Research Engineer


College/University Professor

High School Teacher

Technical Writer

Numerical Analyst

Project Manager

Business Development Manager

Marketing Analyst





Industries That Hire Statistics and Actuarial Science Majors

Pharmaceutical Companies

Insurance Firms

Engineering Firms

Federal Government

Local Government

Legal Services

Social Services


Human Resources Departments


Communication Services

Consulting Services

Financial Services (Securities, Commodity Contracts, & Other Financial Investments)

Transportation Equipment

Transportation Equipment Companies

Waste Management & Remediation Services


Advertising Agencies

Building and Construction Companies


Accounting, Tax Preparation, Bookkeeping, & Payroll

Computer and Electronic Products Companies

Computer Systems Design/Computer Consulting

Employment Services

Federal Government

State and Local Government

Publishing (Newspaper, Periodical, Book, & Data Base Publishers)

Real Estate

Religious, Grant writing, Civic, Professional, & Similar Organizations

Scientific Research & Development Services

Transportation Services





Web Sites for Statistics and Actuarial Science Majors


Actuarial Career Information


The Actuarial Foundation


The American Academy of Actuaries


American Statistical Association



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