Services Available to Students

Psychological Counseling

Confidential psychological counseling, short-term psychotherapy and crisis intervention assist students with a range of emotional, social or family concerns, developmental transitions or other stresses which can occur during your college years.  Counseling services can also assist you if you are concerned about these issues for a family member or friend.  Many students benefit from counseling services at some time during their undergraduate and graduate college careers.  Under some circumstances, for the small number of students needing medication to supplement counseling or psychotherapy, a part-time psychiatrist may also be available.

Academic Support and Career Counseling

Academic support counseling can help with the process of setting priorities, better organizing your time, managing stress, developing effective study and test-taking skills, and other other coping strategies to meet your academic goals.

Addiction Counseling Services and Referral

For every person coping with, experiencing or dealing with an addiction- whether it is dependency on drugs, alcohol, food, compulsive spending, gambling, sex or an Internet addiction- at least 6 other people in their lives can be directly affected. Without treatment intervention, substance, and behavioral addictions can persist even with the knowledge of negative health, academic, and social consequences. The addiction specialist can assist you in sorting out any questions or concerns that you may have about your own addictive behaviors or someone else's. Confidential services include assessment, individual counseling, education, and referral to off-campus services when needed.

Cross-Cultural/Multicultural Counseling

NJIT is a university rich in cultural diversity ranked 10th among national universities for campus diversity by U.S. News.  The student body includes individuals from countries throughout the world as well as US citizens and permanent residents from a large number of racial, ethnic, religious and cultural groups. C-CAPS staff is sensitive to cultural differences and any concerns that may arise.  We strive to work sensitively with you and provide culturally appropriate treatment and services.

Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual and Transgendered Services

College is a time that many students begin to openly explore their sexual identity and discover and challenge their own beliefs and attitudes around sexual orientation and gender. For students searching for a safe, confidential place to explore questions, concerns and traditional beliefs around sexual orientation sensitive and highly trained professionals will help you to address and examine these issues.

Testing Services

As a supplement to counseling services, professional staff may recommend tests to enhance the assessment process and/or increase your self-understanding.  These assessments may include: psychological or personality tests, cognitive testing, behavioral assessment or career/ interest assessments.   

Students who wish to participate in the Credit-By-Examination Program, NJIT Department-based testing or CLEP (College Level Examination Program) testing can obtain information about these testing programs.


Workshops on managing test anxiety and reducing procrastination are offered every term to improve academic and other functioning.  Special topics workshops are offered periodically on topics such as stress management, assertive communication, acquaintance rape prevention, multicultural awareness and various issues that may impact student’s academic or psychological functioning.

Career Counseling

While many students come to NJIT with a chosen major, it is not unusual to be undecided or to develop doubts about an initial choice.  Career counseling can help clarify preferences, confirm an initial choice or identify more fulfilling alternatives.

Referral Services

For more comprehensive or longer-term care, off-campus services may be needed.  Students may also need information about off-campus resources for family or friends.  We assist with referrals for psychotherapy, couple or family therapy, psychiatric services, alcohol/drug rehabilitation etc.  Most off-campus providers charge a fee, but some have low fee options for those who lack insurance or have limited income.   Also, self-help programs may be recommended to supplement C-CAPS services.  Self-help programs are usually free.

Stress Management/Relaxation Room

You may encounter multiple sources of stress as you juggle the academic demands of college life along with other pressures or responsibilities.  C-CAPS soothing Relaxation Space may be just the place when you need some “time alone” or you can make use of our multiple resources to help individuals learn to cope with stress and  develop relaxation skills.  Please be aware that an appointment may be necessary to use the Relaxation Space.