Sexually Transmitted Diseases Policy

Under both Federal (Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973, 29 USC & 794) and New Jersey Law (NJSA 10:5-1 et seq.) a person with AIDS is considered handicapped and is entitled to protection.

It is hereby declared the policy of New Jersey Institute of Technology not to discriminate against any employee or student due to a diagnosis of AIDS, HIV or any other STD.  NJIT shall ensure that all services are administered in compliance with the law on behalf of any qualified individual.

Further, New Jersey Institute of Technology reaffirms its policy of conducting admission and all educational services in a manner which does not discriminate unlawfully because of a person's handicap.  Therefore, the existence of AIDS, or a positive HIV antibody test, will not be a part of the initial admission decision for those applying to the university or seeking employment.

New Jersey Institute of Technology is further committed to providing educational programs to the university community in reference to all STDs including HIV and AIDS.  We shall provide an ongoing AIDS education program for all students and employees of the university in order to update individuals on new developments.  Educational programs will be established for Residence Life staff prior to new students arriving on campus.


Updated 4.5.18