Academic Suspension Policy

Students placed on Academic Suspension may not register for  courses at NJIT  via exchange registration agreements with with Rutgers, Newark, Essex County College or the University of Medicine and Dentistry.  NJIT will not authorize registration at other institutions for students placed on Academic Suspension.



An appeal should not be entered into lightly.  Decisions affecting student status in the university are made in accordance with the principles and regulations established  by  the Faculty as being in the best interests of the students. 

If extenuating circumstances contributed to the student's unsatisfactory academic performance, s/he may appeal  the suspension decision.  However, before instituting the appeal, the student must meet with a member of the  Dean of Student Services office. The student should contact the office within ten (10) business days of  receiving notice of the decision being appealed.  The Committee will take no action unless the student  has   met with a member of the of  Students Services Office and the letter of appeal has been received by the stipulated deadline.

The decisions of the Committee on Student Appeals are final and irrevocable. There are no additional appeals considered by the university. The student will be  notified by mail.


After a lapse of at least one  semester (not including summer) a  student may apply for readmission.  An application form can be obtained from the Admissions Office.


Students seeking readmission must apply to the Office of University Admissions. Applications must be accompanied by a non-refundable application fee of $70 and  received by:

  • For the Fall semester......August 1
  • For the Spring semester...December 1

The Office of University Admissions will inform applicants of their readmission status. The Office of the Registrar will send registration instructions to those who are advised of  acceptance  for readmission.


A  student who is suspended on two or more occasions is subject to Academic Dismissal. Only in the most exceptional circumstances will dismissed students be readmitted.