Code of Student Conduct - Article 1 - Preamble

  1. The university seeks to create a community where rights and mutual responsibilities are both recognized and valued. The university promotes the intellectual and personal development of its student population within an environment of freedom of inquiry. In order to preserve this climate of academic freedom, students are expected and required to adhere to high standards of moral, ethical and professional behavior.

  2. The university will regulate conduct which affects its interests as an academic community. All members of the community are obligated to observe and adhere to the civil and criminal laws of the local, state and federal authorities as well as to university regulations and policies.

  3. This document refers to the procedures and regulations which comprise the Code of Student Conduct. Additional policies, judicial procedures and regulations which apply to students can be found in the Undergraduate/Graduate catalogues and publications about: Fraternity and Sorority Life, Residence LifeSexual Harassment, and other published documents.

  4. The guidelines set forth below are intended to ensure that all persons accused of violating the Code of Student Conduct adopted by the university are treated in a fair and just manner and are afforded an opportunity to have an alleged violation fairly adjudicated. The Code of Student Conduct describes both expected and prohibited types of behavior, procedures for adjudicating offenses committed by students and the sanctions which can be imposed for such violations.

  5. The university reserves the right to modify, alter or repeal any of the procedures, rights or responsibilities set forth in this code at any time. Such changes will be posted in appropriate official university vehicles, which may include its website, newspaper, electronic or print publications and any other communication vehicles which may be officially used, prior to going into effect.



Updated 4.5.18