Emergencies and Disasters Policy


On the sounding of an alarm, all persons, except emergency personnel, are to evacuate the affected building by the nearest fire exit or stairwell.  Elevators are not to be used.  No one except Fire and Emergency personnel will be permitted to re-enter affected buildings until permission is granted by the Director of Health and Environmental Safety or Public Safety.

Bomb or Explosive Threat

The decision to evacuate any building or buildings will be announced by Public Safety officials.  If a building is not to be generally evacuated, the occupants will be notified of the threat and given the option of leaving.

If the building is not evacuated, faculty and office personnel should search their areas for any suspicious objects.  Anything suspicious should be reported to Public Safety.  Do Not Handle or Move Any Suspicious Objects.

If a building(s) is evacuated, all persons are to remain at least 300 ft. from the affected building or buildings.  No one, except emergency personnel, is to re-enter an evacuated building without the permission the Public Safety official in charge.

Flood or Storm

Any decision to close the university will be made by the Administration.  Any such decision will be announced by established radio procedure.  Should closing be necessary during the active school day, Public Safety personnel will make an announcement.  Upon the closing of the university, all persons, except emergency personnel, are to leave or not report to campus.

Power Failure

In the event of a power failure, Public Safety will notify you if you are to evacuate or if the university is being closed.  Emergency personnel will provide needed assistance.

Civil Disturbance or Riot

In the event of a closing because of a civil disturbance or riot, an announcement will be made by standard radio procedures.  Should closing be necessary during the active school day, Public Safety personnel will make an announcement.  Once the university is closed, non-emergency personnel will not be permitted to return until the situation is declared under control.


If a snowstorm is of such severity that, in the judgment of those responsible, classes should not be held, announcements will be made on the radio stations listed below.  The university cannot control the time(s) of the announcement; so students should become familiar with the individual station practice.

  • WCBS 880 AM
  • WBUD 1260 AM
  • WINS 1010 AM
  • WMTR 1250 AM
  • WCTC 1450 AM
  • WMGQ 98.3 FM
  • WKXW 101.5 FM
  • WDHA 105.5 FM
  • WBUD 1260 AM
  • WJLK 94.3 FM
  • WABD 1310 AM
  • WNNJ 103.7 FM
  • WHCY 106.3 FM
  • WSUS 102.3 FM
  • WTSX 96.7 FM
  • WINK 1360 AM
  • WPST 97.5 FM
  • WNJO 94.5 FM
  • WHWH 1350 AM
  • WRNJ 1000 AM
  • WOR 710 AM
  • NEWS12 Channel 12

Please Do Not Call the Stations!

University telephone service will normally be available at 6:45 A.M. on mornings that appear to be hazardous; but you are encouraged to seek a radio or television announcement before attempting to contact NJIT.