EOP Stars

Like many young people his age, Naseed Gifted ’01 was infatuated with comic books; however, they rarely portrayed heroes that resembled him. Read More


cindy manrique Though she’s still a senior, Cindy Manrique already has a great job lined up: After she graduates in May, she’ll start work as a field engineer for Gilbane Building Company, one of the nation’s leading building firms.Read more.
vanessa casteblanco Vanessa Casteblanco has reason to be happy. She was chosen to be the student speaker during NJIT’s commencement ceremony. She’s graduating with a host of honors and achievements.  She has a great job lined up working as a field engineer at FM Global and, most importantly, she’s making her parents proud. Read more.
christopher sam Christopher Sam is interning at Cisco Systems, in San Jose, California. It’s his second summer interning at Cisco, a major multi-national corporation that sells cutting-edge networking equipment. He did so well on his internship there last summer that Cisco invited him back for this summer. That bodes well for Chris’s career, since when a company invites an intern back it usually means the company has a long-term interest in hiring him. Read more.
Vincia Jackson Vincia Jackson is interning at Clorox.  It’s a company that needs no introduction, since most American households contain its brand-name cleaning products. And Vincia, a senior majoring in chemical engineering, is thrilled to be working there. She is based in the company’s office in Pleasanton, California, near San Francisco. She’s a Regulatory Compliance Intern in its Research and Development division. She is helping the company comply with federal environmental regulations. It’s an internship that’s ideally suited to her interests: At NJIT, she has a double minor in Environmental Science and Policy and Business. Read more.
kwame boler Kwame Boler is doing a summer internship at Boeing. He works for Boeing’s Flight Control group in Everett, Washington. Boeing is one of the leading companies in the world and Kwame, a senior majoring in computer engineering, is loving every minute of it. He’s part of a project to ensure the safety of the Boeing’s new 747-8 intercontinental jet. Read more.