EOP Eligibility

An eligible EOF student must meet the following criteria:

  1. Be a resident of New Jersey.
  2. Have a combined SAT score of 1100 or better, or ACT of 24 or better
  3. Be a high school graduate with a C+ average or above in core academic courses
  4. Have strong Math and Science grades
  5. Be a first-time, full-time college student only
  6. Want a technical and scientific education
  7. Have a strong desire to succeed

Educational Opportunity Program students may be considered for various scholarships.  At the end of their first semester, students must complete 12 or more credits and obtain a GPA of 2.50 or better to be eligible.Students in the Educational Opportunity Program are classified into two separate categories: EOF and EOP students.


EOF Students

Economically, an EOF student must be a member of a household with a gross annual income which does not exceed the applicable amount set forth in the State Education Department’s guidelines.  The Program does accept a small number of students whose family incomes exceed this scale.  The income guidelines which are cited below are subject to change. Contact the EOP Office for current changes in guidelines.


EOP Students

EOP students have incomes which exceed the amounts identified in the charts below.  They, however, desire the kind of strong preparatory college summer experience offered at NJIT, which usually results in a successful high school to college transition.  These students are EOP students, who must meet the same Admissions criteria as EOF students and participate in all of the activities of the program.  The Summer Enrichment Program will cost these students $2,000.


EOF Income Eligibility Scale

Household Size Gross Income (Not to Exceed)
1  $24,120
2  $32,480
3  $40,840
4  $49,200
5  $57,560
6  $65,920
7  $74,280
8  $82,640
  Add $8,360 for each additional member of the household


Maximum Income Eligibility for Discretionary Students

Household Size Gross Income (Not to Exceed)
1 $33,889
2 $45,634
3 $57,380
4 $69,126
5 $80,872
6 $92,618
7 $104,363
8 $116,109                          
  Add $11,746 for each additional member of the household.