EOP Staff

There are nine staff members, each with duties assigned for smoother functioning of the Educational Opportunity Program.

Mr Tony Howell


Tony Howell, Executive Director
Overall responsibility for the staff and activities of EOP, initiates, supervises and evaluates programs and activities, conducts fundraising and solicitation activities, prepares proposals for state and other potential donors, prepares annual budgets and administers the working budgets, serves on university wide committees, acts as liaison with administration and external organizations, and is responsible for the appointment, supervision, development, and evaluation of administrative, teaching and support staff for the academic year and the Summer Academic Enrichment Program.
Kim Akhtab

Kim Akhtab, Associate Director
Assists in the overall administration and supervision of all programs, assumes the overall administrative and supervisory responsibility in the absence of the Executive Director, coordinates and oversees the completion of annual reports to the state, coordinates scholarship programs, oversees the coordination of the Summer Academic Enrichment Program, the Awards Ceremony and other special events.

Kiecey Castle, Assistant Director for Recruitment and Admissions
Responsible for marketing, recruitment,and admission of Educational Opportunity Program students and disseminating information regarding the Educational Opportunity Program to the University and the community at large.

Dr Smith

Dr Crystal Smith, Associate Director for Counseling Services Freshman
Develop and coordinate EOP counseling and academic advisement  programs for all the assistant Directors; summer and Academic year counseling staff activities during the academic year; summer proper and be responsible for all freshman EOP students.  Administer, develop, and supervise the year-long Freshman Seminar Program, selecting 10 university professional staff persons to instruct 170, first-year students.

Steve Gary

Steven Gary, Assistant Director for Counseling Services Sophomores

Responsible for the planning and execution of the Sophomore Year Program, provides counseling on an   individual as well as group basis, conducts workshops   to address specific topics such as Learning Styles, and develops individualized long-range academic plans for students on probation.


Robert Igbinovia, Assistant Director for Counseling Services Seniors and Coordinator for EOP Financial Aid
Responsible for providing personal, financial, career and academic advisement to EOP students and preparing reports and forms for both internal and external use.

Maria Oquendo

Maria Oquendo, Assistant Director for Counseling Services Juniors
Responsible for providing personal, career and academic advisement to EOP students and preparing reports and forms for both internal and external use.

Rosalyn Roberts, Administrative Assistant
Assists with administrative support services in the recruitment and admissions component and the counseling component. Responsibilities include scheduling appointments; conferences; orientation etc. for the academic year, assisting with processing of applications; maintaining the EOP website, LinkedIn and Facebook page; maintaining students' files and collecting and preparing data regarding attendance records for the staff and office assistants.

Yvette Johnson , Business Manager
The Business Manager acts as the  primary contact person for the Educational Opportunity Program and Student Support Services Program accounts with NJIT and handles all of the administrative matters. Also serves as a liaison to administrative staff to perform various financial matters.