Scholarships & Grants

Call them scholarships. Call them grants. Call them awards, assistance, or financial aid. No matter what words you use, it's free money you're talking about.

NJIT connects you with hundreds of awards based on your academic achievements, athletic prowess, SAT scores, financial need, state of residency, and more. Based on your records and FAFSA, you'll automatically be considered for every award for which you are eligible. It couldn't possibly be easier.



Most merit-based scholarships also renew automatically each year. All you have to do is continue to meet the criteria set forth in the scholarship agreement and NJIT's standards for Satisfactory Academic Progress.

Need-based awards will be adjusted each year based on changes in your financial situation and what year of study you're in.

If one or more of your scholarships doesn't get renewed, you'll be notified by e-mail. You can appeal the decision by submitting this online application to the scholarship appeals committee, care of the director of NJIT Student Financial Aid Services. In your letter, you must describe, in detail, the circumstances that prevented you from meeting the eligibility criteria. Reinstatement of the scholarship will depend on the circumstances detailed in your appeal letter and the availability of funding at the time of your request. To view the appeal deadline go to Deadlines to Watch


How to apply:  Please complete the Undergraduate Scholarship Application and submit it to the Financial Aid Office.