SAP Appeal Process

If a student fails one or more of the three measures (qualitative, quantitative and maximum time frame), the student is not eligible for federal, state, or institutional financial aid, which includes grants, scholarships, Federal Work-Study and loans. However, students failing SAP standards who have had mitigating circumstances (such as death in the family, illness, or other extenuating circumstances) may request reinstatement of their financial aid eligibility by completing the SAP Appeal Form and submitting it to the Financial Aid SAP Appeals Committee, c/o Office of Student Financial Aid Services.

The Office of Student Financial Aid Services will send a notification to impacted students and the correspondence will include a link to the appeal form. The appeal, which must be typed, includes the following student requirements as well as signature from the student’s Academic Advisor:

Detailed explanation for failure to meet SAP standards for each payment period the student failed to perform satisfactorily
Documentation to support the reason for failure.
Detailed explanation of what has changed that will now allow the student to make Satisfactory Academic Progress at the next evaluation.

Steps to apply for SAP Appeal:

  1. Complete the SAP Appeal Form 
  2. Schedule an appointment with an academic advisor or faculty advisor. You will be required to meet and consult with an advisor to discuss an academic plan you will follow during probation.
  3. Attached document(s) supporting your extenuating circumstance(s). 
  4. Submit completed form/documents to the Office of Student Financial Aid Services - below is our contact information:
                               Student Financial Aid Services
                               NJIT - Student Mall, University Heights
                               Newark, NJ 07102 Fax: 973-596-2460

If the student’s appeal is approved, it will only be approved for one payment period and the student will be placed in a “probation” status during that time. At the conclusion of the probation status, the student’s record will be reviewed to determine if he or she has met the SAP standards or met the requirements of the Academic Plan.

SAP Appeal Deadline

Summer  I 2018

June 11, 2018

Fall 2018

August 20, 2018

Spring 2019

January 7, 2018


SAP Appeals Committee and Decision:

The SAP Appeals Committee is comprised of representatives from the Office of Student Financial Aid Services, Dean of Students, and the Advising Success Center. Students will be notified of the committee’s decision via email at their NJIT Highlander Pipeline account. The decision of the SAP Appeals Committee is final. A decision on the appeal is rendered within 15 business days of the committee meeting. Please note, the SAP comitte reservse the right request additional documents. Delay in submitting your documents will result in a delay in your decision. If the student is granted an appeal for a semester in which he or she does not enroll, the appeal will automatically be granted for the subsequent semester.

The SAP Academic Plan:

The Academic Plan is separate from an Academic Improvement Plan, which requires students who fail to maintain the required university academic standing. Students who successfully appeal and are approved for one payment period are considered to be on probation. To gain eligibility in the subsequent term, a student must meet the standards of SAP or meet the requirements of his or her academic plan.

Students are only allowed to be on an Academic Plan for no more than two semesters within the academic year. At the conclusion of the payment period of which the student was on an academic plan, the student must meet the SAP standards or the requirements of the Academic Plan. If the student does not meet the SAP standards or the Academic Plan, the student will be ineligible for financial aid, but can appeal once again according to the appeals deadline.

SAP Academic Denial After Probation:

If the student fails to meet SAP Financial Aid standards or the requirements set forth in the SAP Academic Plan, the student will be placed on SAP suspension. The student is ineligible for financial aid with this status. A student with SAP suspension status will remain ineligible for financial aid until the student meets the minimum SAP Policy requirements or submits a successful appeal by the deadline.

Denied Appeals:

Students with denied SAP appeals may stay enrolled in the semester but are ineligible to receive federal, state and/ or institutional aid. Other payments options include:

Out-of- pocket payments- Students may visit the Bursars office to discuss payments plans, methods and deadlines. 

Private loan-  Students may choose to apply for a private loan. At NJIT contains a list of lenders for your convenience. Please note some educational loans require students to meet Satisfactory Academic Progress. To narrow your search click "Sort & Filter" on the left portion of the screen and under "Satisfactory Academic Progress" select "Not Required". We encourage all students to read carefully the terms and condition of each lender.