F-2 Spouse Study Options

Can F-2 spouses attend school?

Dependent spouses of F-1 students who hold an F-2 visa and I-20 may study in the U.S. under certain conditions:

  • Study that is avocational or recreational in nature is allowed up to and including on a full-time basis.
    • Example: Pursuing a hobby that is occasional, casual or recreational in nature. Informal language classes. Arts and crafts classes.
  • Study that leads to or counts towards a degree is only allowed on a less than full-time course of study.  
    • Example: an F-2 spouse who enrolls in a university in order to pursue a degree (certificate, bachelors, master’s, or Ph.D.) can only enroll part-time or less than full time. Full time is considered 12 credits at the undergraduate/bachelor level, and 9 credits at the graduate level. Anything below that is considered less than full time.