OPT Reporting

Starting June 11, 2018, NJIT will require all students with 12-month post-completion OPT authorization to report their employment using the SEVIS Portal.

**There will no longer be an option to report initial OPT employment or change of employment for 12-month post-completion OPT in the Highlander Pipeline.**

Students with STEM Extension authorization MUST CONTINUE TO USE THE HIGHLANDER PIPELINE to report their employment changes and submit 6-month reports. STEM Extension students may not use the SEVIS Portal to report changes in their STEM employment.

ALL STUDENTS must continue to report changes of address, phone numbers, and email addresses in the Highlander Pipeline so the university has up to date contact information for you; however, you may report this information directly in your SEVIS portal as well.

To summarize:

  • Post-completion OPT information: use the SEVIS portal
  • STEM extension OPT information: use the Highlander Pipeline
  • Address, phone number, and email updates: use the Highlander Pipeline (required) and the SEVIS portal (optional but recommended)

How to report:

12 month OPT:

  1. Send us a copy of your Employment Authorization Document (EAD)  so we can verify that the information matches your record in SEVIS. You can send it by email to global@njit.edu.
  2. Log on to the SEVP Portal with your account information: https://sevp.ice.gov/opt/ 
  3. Enter your employment information. 
  4. If you are locked out of your account or did not receive the email from SEVP with instructions on how to create an account, email us at global@njit.edu

24  month OPT:

  1. Send us a copy of your Employment Authorization Document (EAD)  so we can verify that the information matches your record in SEVIS. You can send it by email to global@njit.edu.
  2. Log on to the Highlander Pipeline through MyNJIT   
  3. Click on OPT Reporting link under Online Resources. Then, click on “Report Info” to enter your employment information. 

4. . Select the appropriate option and enter the information required: 

5. You must describe how your job relates to your major: Please limit your explanation to 1000 characters. You may the template below:

“My major was _______ and I’m working as a _______. My responsibilities are ______, ______ and ________, all of which are related to my major ________.”

6.. While logged on to the Highlander Pipeline, make sure to update your local (U.S.), permanent (home country), and mailing addresses if needed.

You will receive an automated email when your employment information has been received by our system and a second email when your information has been updated in SEVIS.

Do not email your employment information to OGI. We can only accept information submitted through the Highlander Pipeline.

OGI advisers have 21 days to update your SEVIS record from the day of your submission. Please do not email OGI to check on the status of your update before 21 days

If you require an updated copy of your I-20 with the new employment information, please email global@njit.edu to request it after your information has been updated.  If you request an updated I-20 before you have received confirmation that your information was updated, then your reprinted I-20 will not include your most recent employment changes.

When to report:

Within 10 days of any change in employment, address, immigration status, or name.

Every 6 months if you are on STEM OPT. It is your responsibility to keep count of every 6-month deadline from the start date of your STEM EAD card. For example: if your STEM EAD card start date is 2/15/17, you are required to report on 8/15/2017, 2/15/2018, 8/15/2018, and 2/14/2019. You must report even if there haven't been any changes. 

Additional Reporting Requirements for students on 24 month STEM Extension:

  • Submit page 5 of form I-983 every 12 months. This self- evaluation must be signed by your current supervisor.
  • Submit a new I-983 if substantial changes occur to your employment.
  • You are required to submit a new I-983 completed with information about your new employment and signed by your new supervisor, to OGI when you change employers. Submit it within 10 days of starting your new job. 
  • You are also required to submit page 5 of the I-983 (evaluation) signed by your former supervisor when you end your employment. 
  • The I-983 may be emailed directly to global@njit.edu

Frequently asked questions about STEM OPT reporting: 

1. Can I change employers while on STEM OPT?

Yes. You must report the end of the previous employment and submit the evaluation (page 5 of the I-983) signed by your old supervisor. You must also submit a new I-983 signed by your new supervisor. You must report the new employment in the pipeline. The new employment must meet all the requirements: full time, in your field of study, paid, and enrolled in e-verify. 

2. How many times do I have to submit the evaluation (page 5 of the I-983):

You are required to submit the top part of page I-983 after 12 months of STEM OPT and at the end of your 24 month STEM OPT. Additionally, if you change employers, you must submit an evaluation at the end of the employer signed by your old supervisor. 

3. Can I change employers while my STEM OPT is pending? 

Yes, but we recommend against it. Changing employers while STEM is pending requires a new I-983 to be approved by OGI, and we will have to reprint your I-20 and send it to the Service Center processing your application. 

4. Can I have more than one employer while on STEM OPT?

Yes. You will be required to report all employment in the pipeline and all employers must sign an I-983. This means if you have 2 employers while on STEM OPT, you will have to submit 2 I-983's to OGI. 

5. How many times do I have to report when on 24 month STEM OPT?

Federal regulations require you to report to your school every 6 months while on STEM OPT. You must report no sooner than 15 days before and no later than 21 days after each 6-month reporting due date.

Your due date is based on the start date of your STEM OPT period. In a typical full 24-month STEM OPT extension, there will be four report due-dates:

6 months after the STEM OPT employment start date
12 months after the STEM OPT employment start date
18 months after the STEM OPT employment start date
24 months after the STEM OPT employment start date

It is your responsibility to keep track of these dates and report accordingly. Remember to also update your local address in the pipeline if you have moved.