Network Security and Information Assurance

The foundations of network security go back a long way, and involve many old-time policies and procedures since the inception of the Internet. We are entering a new age where devices never conceived before have access to the Internet, from single board computers to refrigerators to cars to thermostats. All of these devices need to be properly understood, designed, configured and maintained. The Graduate Certificate in Network Security and Information Assurance aims to help the end user and professional do that on their own but laying the foundations of how to secure these networks before they are compromised.  

Who is suited for this program?

This graduate certificate is best suited for students holding an undergraduate degree in electrical engineering, computer engineering, computer science, or those willing to take a number of ancillary courses. 


What are the Required Courses?

Core Courses - Select two (2) courses from: 6
Information Systems Auditing  
Computer Security Auditing  
Forensic Auditing for Computer Security  
Transaction Mining and Fraud Detection  
Select one (1) from: 3
Computer Networks-Architectures, Protocols, and Standards  
Internet and Higher-Layer Protocols  
Select one (1) from: 3
Data Management System Design  
Enterprise Data Management  

What will I learn?

This certificate program covers:

  • An overview of computational methods used to provide secure Internet communication
  • The fundamentals of current network management technology and techniques and emerging network management standards
  • An overview of widely used security applications, schemes, and practices on the Internet and enterprise networks
  • A working knowledge of information assurance and particular network and computer security concepts, applications, and standards
  • Audit, control and security issues, requirements, and processes in organizational information systems
  • Relevant issues in computer security auditing

Why study Network Security and Information Assurance at NJIT?

The program’s narrow focus allows you to dig deep into this specific topic, and start applying your knowledge sooner. It’s possible to some of the courses online, so you can more easily fit the program into your busy life. And whether you take courses online or on campus, you’ll learn from NJIT’s distinguished professors and instructors of the College of Computing Sciences.


NJIT’s standard admission requirements apply to this graduate certificate, but individual courses within the program have additional prerequisites. Check the course descriptions for full details.

Note: Students lacking background relevant to the program may need to take IS 601 as a prerequisite course.

Related Degree Programs

All credits from the Network Security & Information Assurance Graduate Certificate can be applied toward the MS in Information SystemsMS IT Administration and Security, or MS in Cyber Security and Privacy.

Take Note

Check the course descriptions for more information. Some courses have prerequisites and must be taken in order.

Gainful Employment Disclosure

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Faculty Advisor: George Olsen