Ph.D. in Mathematical Sciences

Are you fascinated by the way the world works? Do you have the skills and the drive to study science and engineering in their purest mathematical and statistical forms? Then consider earning a PhD in the Mathematical Sciences at NJIT!  

The Department of Mathematical Sciences (DMS) is a research and teaching department in the College of Science and Liberal Arts at the New Jersey Institute of Technology (NJIT). The majority of our 36 tenure-track faculty members are active in research, working closely with doctoral students on a range of topics within the fields of applied mathematics and applied statistics. These include fluid dynamics, materials science, wave propagation, scientific computing, mathematical biology, computational neuroscience, and biostatistics. 

DMS offers two tracks in its Doctoral Program in the Mathematical Sciences: the Applied Mathematics track, emphasizing applications of mathematical methods to the physical sciences and engineering, and the Applied Probability and Statistics track, emphasizing applied probability, nonparametric statistics, and statistical reliability theory.

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