Policies and Procedures

Below is a listing of pertinent academic policies and procedures that graduate students should be aware of. For a complete listing of Graduate Academic Policies and Procedures please refer to the online Graduate Catalog.

Use the links below for specific policy and procedure information:

Registration and Related Requirements
Academic Standing
Transfer Credit
Policy on Independent Study
Master's Thesis/Project
Degree Requirements
Doctor of Philosophy Requirements
Graduate Co-Operative Education Policy 


                Responsibility for Registration
                Approval of Initial Registration
                Course Additions and Schedule Changes
                Continuous Registration Requirement
                Continuous Registration Requirement, Project/Thesis/ Dissertation
                Multiple Registration
                Cross-Registration Procedures
                Registration at Another College
                Undergraduate Registration in Graduate Courses
                Graduate Registration in Undergraduate Courses
                Enrollment Status
                Full-time Certification
                Course Code Explanation
                Rutgers-Newark Courses
                Enrollment Status
                Full-time Certification
                Half-time Students
                Project, Thesis, and Dissertation Grades
                Final Grades in Project, Thesis, and Dissertation
                Special Topics
                Independent Study
                Satisfactory and Unsatisfactory
                Grade Reports
                Grade Changes
                Grade Disputes
                Special Circumstances
                Course Repetition
                Transcript of Grades
                Academic Performance and Satisfactory Progress Policy
                Academic Warning
                Academic Probation
                Readmission if Dismissed
    Independent Study Courses
    Existing Courses, Low Enrollment
    Independent Study Courses, Level and Grades
    Research Course Title
    Special Topics Courses   
                Format and Submission
                Master's Thesis Advisor, Committee, and Defense
                Progress towards Degree
                Intellectual Property and Copyright Ownership
                General Graduate Degree Requirements
                Graduate Certificate Requirements
                Grade Point Average Calculation
                Expiration of Credit
                Independent Study Courses
                Degrees Dates and Diploma Applications
                M.S./M.S. and Dual Master’s Programs
                Master of Science Degree Requirements
                Credits for Degree
                Obtaining a Master’s Degree while Pursuing the PhD
                Qualifying Examination
                Dissertation and Pre-Doctoral Research Credits
                Dissertation Advisor, Dissertation Committee and Research Proposal
                Doctoral Dissertation Format and Submission
                Progress towards Degree
                Doctoral Candidacy
                Intellectual Property and Copyright Ownership