Teaching Assistant Workshops

A significant number of doctoral students at NJIT are supported through Teaching Assistantships. Teaching Assistants have a number of responsibilities that include teaching and grading homework assignments. ITE believes that Teaching Assistants (TAs) who have teaching responsibilities should have the opportunity to learn more about teaching and learning best-practices. 
In the spring of 2016, ITE ran a pilot workshop for TAs. Deans from three Colleges were asked to nominate a number of their TAs to attend the workshop. These workshops were led by two members of the ITE Executive Committee (Basil Baltzis and Ron Rockland) who organized the sessions and acted as facilitators. A number of ITE Fellows served as mentors throughout the program. The workshop addressed various topics concentrated on student engagement, interacting with students, use of digital learning modes of instruction, preparation of assessments, and issues of academic integrity.
All attendees were awarded an ITE Certificate of Participation at the end of the workshop.