First Year Seminar

Course Mission, Goals & Expectations

First Year Seminar (or Freshman Seminar in the Course Catalogue) is a required course for all new first time students (students enrolled in CS 107 or MGMT 190 are in a Freshman Seminar-hybrid course). 

During this semester you will explore topics that will help you succeed at NJIT.  Studies have shown that students who actively participate in a new student seminar during their first year of college do better academically, feel more connected to their school and are more satisfied with their college experience.   This class is designed to be interactive and dialogue-driven.  It is important that every student in the class participates in the in-class discussions. 

First Year Seminar is made up of two components: Weekly classes and participation on the “First Year Connections” on-line program. 

First Year Seminar Course Goals

1. Engagement: To establish an identity and affiliation with NJIT

2. Adjustment/Transition Issues: Provide support, encouragement, social engagement opportunities. Introduce student to Academic Advisor. Introduce techniques and approaches to Time Management and Study Skills

3. Self-Assessment: Encourage introspection and self discovery through assessment tools, instruction and processing. Create an inventory of personal development needs and a personal action plan. Areas for assessment include ethics, relationships, cultural pluralism, managing emotions and stress, gender issues, group/team behavior and communication.

4. Understanding and Utilizing Campus Resources: Career Development Services, NJIT Libraries, TLC

5. Spring Registration and Setting Goals

Course Expectations

Attendance at all classes is mandatory.  If you must miss a class, please make arrangements with the instructor in advance.  Missing two or more classes, for any reason, puts you at risk of failing the course.  The First Year Seminar Class is comprised of eight in-class sessions during the first 10 weeks of classes.  During the Fall semester, you will need to attend TWO out-of-class colloquia – these are considered a part of the Freshman Seminar curriculum and should be considered mandatory parts of the class.  Attendance is monitored at all of the sessions, be sure to sign in.

You may need to log into the NJIT Moodle – – to complete homework assignments.  Failing to complete assignments will impact your grade – failing to turn in two or more assignments puts you at risk of failing the course.  Failure to sign up and use Moodle puts you at risk for failing the seminar. 

For more information about the First Year Seminar, please contact Dr. Ashish Borgaonkar, Assistant Dean of Students, at the Dean of Students Office.