NJIT Converged Learning SM is a new and innovate way of delivering instruction that integrates online and onground students into a single learning community, converging the physical and virtual classrooms.

Within the NJIT Converged LearningSM delivery model, there is no distinction between online and onground courses. Curriculum delivery is independent of time and place, allowing for student (and instructor) to “attend class” in any of three modes:

  • onground – the traditional face-to-face classroom model;
  • synchronous online  – same time, different place; utilizing video conferencing technologies;
  • asynchronous online – different time, different place; utilizing lecture archival technologies.

All three modes of attendance are combined within the NJIT Converged ClassroomSM where the latest collaborative technologies are leveraged to facilitate active learning, engagement and collaboration among faculty and groups of students.  Student teams from all modes of attendance work on group projects using the same tools as global project teams in industry.  Student attendance may vary from one week to the next, depending on individual circumstances.  One mode may have advantages at a particular time (e.g. when student is travelling for work).  However, all students are held to the same standards and look to achieve the same learning outcomes for the course.

If your course section is noted for delivery via NJIT Converged LearningSM, its delivery will follow the model described above.  However, depending on the subject matter, the instructor may choose to restrict attendance participation to only two of the modes described above.  Contact your instructor for further information and clarification.