Program Review

The NJIT Program Review Process, the centerpiece of the university’s student learning assessment initiative, has four objectives: to provide a forum for the assessment and improvement of all degree granting and university programs; to demonstrate continuous improvement in the delivery of educational curricula; to promote a culture of assessment by building a cohesive assessment strategy; and to create a central, web-based repository for assessment design and supporting documents.

These objectives are yielding a university-wide forum for collaboration as we share the visions we have for our program, the strategies we use to achieve our program goals, tactics by which we implement these goals, and the metrics we use to measure our success. Our methods of assessment of educational effectiveness are thus aligned with our methods of assessment of institutional context.

Because program review at NJIT is viewed as a research process, we are investigating new ways of understanding student achievement and reporting our findings. We are dedicated to designing and promoting program assessment initiatives within and beyond NJIT.

We hope that visitors enjoy our web-based repository.

Fadi P. Deek, PhD

Provost and Senior Executive Vice President


Program Assessment Plan Guide

Each academic department offering a major or minor should have a written, five-year assessment plan that ensures that members of the department understand the assessment goals and activities.  In addition, each summer, the department should file a brief Assessment Report that documents assessment efforts conducted by the department over the previous year, along with the results of the assessment.

 PDF and .DOCX​ templates for the five-year Program Assessment Plan are provided for your convenience.


Five-Year Academic Program Review Report (PRR)

Every five years, each program offered at the university must complete a Program Review Report (PRR).  The PRR is instrumental in the university's efforts of continuous self-assessment and improvement and is also critical to accreditation efforts.

The template for the five-year Academic Program Review Report is provided for your convenience in PDF and .DOCX​ formats.

Five-year academic program review reports are evaluated against a RUBRIC​ by the department committee, the department or program chair, the faculty senate committee, the college's committee, the college's dean, and the Provost.


Program Assessment Yearly Report Guide

The department/program self-assessment plan basic template is provided for your convenience in PDF and .DOCX​ formats.