MS in Computer Science

The Master of Science Program in Computer Science from the NJIT Computer Science department, part of the Ying Wu College of Computing Sciences, is the largest academic department at NJIT, comprising one tenth of the student population. It is also the largest computer science department among all research universities in the New York metropolitan area.​

Program Mission

Designed to help professionals in relevant fields strengthen their command of theoretical computing concepts and applied knowledge of computer science, increase their aptitude for algorithms, programming, logical reasoning and complex computing systems, and much more. The MS in Computer Science is for students who want advanced studies in computer science. The online offerings include:

  • Database & Data Mining
  • Networking
  • ​Cybersecurity

Admission Requirements

An undergraduate degree in a related science field with a cumulative grade point average (GPA) of at least 3.0 on a 4.0 scale is usually required. Admission conditions may involve completion of a small bridge program designed on a case-by-case basis, and typically require an undergraduate level course to fully transition into the program. Bridge courses and undergraduate courses do not count toward degree credit; graduate-level courses do.

Submission of Graduate Record Examination (GRE) scores is encouraged in all cases, but it is required of those seeking financial support and those whose last prior degree is from an institution outside the United States. International students must also submit scores from the Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL). According to university policy, a minimum score of 79 (Internetbased TOEFL), 550 (paper-based TOEFL) or 213 (computer-based TOEFL) is required for all international applicants.

Bridge Program

The Department of Computer Science is offering a novel and exclusive bridge program called Fast Track to Computing to allow non-computing STEM graduates to enroll in a master’s degree in the following computing programs. It comprises four (one-semester) courses:

CS 280 - Programming Language Concepts
CS 332 - Principles of Operating Systems
CS 505  -Programming, Data Structures and Algorithms
CS 506 - Foundations of Computer Science

Not all applicants will be required the bridge program. This bridge program is assigned on a case by case basis, and the coursework equivalent to this program may not necessarily need to be taken at NJIT in order to be admissible to the NJIT MS CS program, pending academic review of coursework taken elsewhere.

Degree Requirements

A minimum of 30 credits is required for degree completion. Of these, 12 credits must be obtained by taking four (4) prescribed Core Courses. The remaining credits needed to achieve the required 30 credits may be obtained by taking a combination of 9 credits from a specialization, and 9 credits in a free elective listing. The specializations include: Database and Data Mining, Networking, and Cybersecurity. As already indicated, applicants with a science background or a degree in a discipline other than Computer Science may be required to additionally take one or more bridge courses. Bridge courses do not count toward the 30 credits required to complete the program.

The following course curriculum consists solely of NJIT courses offered frequently online. Other courses that pertain to this program may be available online or face to face at NJIT in Newark, NJ, but are not listed here.

Core Courses 12
CS 610 Data Structures and Algorithms  
CS 630 Operating System Design  
CS 631 Data Management System Design  
CS 656 Internet and Higher-Layer Protocols  
Specialization (choose from one of the following four options) 9
Database and Data Mining Specialization  
CS 634 Data Mining  
CS 632 Advanced Database System Design  
CS 643 Cloud Computing  
Networking Specialization  
CS 643 Cloud Computing  
CS 652 Computer Networks, Architectures, Protocols, and Standards  
CS 696 Network Management and Security  
CS 645 Security and Privacy in Comp Science  
CS 608 Cryptography and Security  
CS 696 Network Management and Security  
Generalist Specialization  
Personalize your program by choosing any three (3) courses from the online MSCS program's specialization tracks.  
Elective Courses 9
Each student is required to take three (3) MSCS program elective courses.  
Total Credits 30

Faculty Advisor: Vincent Oria
Academic Department: Computer Science