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The On-Line Visitor Parking Reservation System

Parking Lot Information

Other Information

The On-line Visitor Parking System

The on-line Visitor Parking Reservation System was established for the purpose of managing on campus guest-parking spaces via the web.  University employees are encouraged not to use the visitors parking system to reserve parking spaces for faculty, staff, or students.  This system is for the sole use of guests to the university.

Please make all special requests for visitor/conference/meeting parking using this new requisition screen.  Doing so will expedite the request and will simplify the confirmation process.  It is no longer necessary to call, e-mail, or memo a request to anyone in Public Safety.  If you do not receive a reply from the Visitor Parking System, please be advised that the parking reservation was not executed properly and should be repeated.  If there are any questions as to the use of this screen, call Mike Dabrowski at x7190. 

Logging Into The On-Line Visitor Parking System

Only NJIT Faculty and Staff with a valid UCID account can log into this system.  Student organizations should contact their staff advisor to arrange for any visitor parking needs.

To reserve parking spaces for guests to the University please log into the on-line system.

  1. Upon entering the Reservation Lot-In Screen, you will be prompted for your UCID and Password.
  2. Enter the appropriate username and password.  Click "Submit" button.
  3. After your information has been authenticated, you will be forwarded to the Visitor Parking Reservation System.

Entering Visitor Parking Requests

To enter a request into the visitor parking system simply:

  1. From the "Select Options:" dropdown select either Single date of Multiple dates.
  2. Next to "Select Date:" click on the calendar icon and select your date(s).
  3. Close calendar and click "Submit Dates".
  4. The next screen will allow you to enter specific details about your reservations.  Upon completing this screen, point to and click "Submit Request".  Your requests will be sent to the Parking Services Department for processing.

Upon sending the visitor parking request, a confirmation will be returned to the sender's e-mail address.  This confirms that Parking Services has received the request.  If you have not received a confirmation that the request was sent, please contact the Parking Services Department at 973-642-7190.

Processing Visitor Parking Requests

Upon processing the request, an automated e-mail confirming the reservation will be sent to the specified e-mail address from the Reservation System.  This e-mail instructs the sender as to which lot the reservation has been approved for.  There may also be special instructions attached to this confirmation.


Parking Lot Information

Guest Parking Lot Assignments

Lot #7, the parking garage and the Science & Technology Parking Garage (STPG) are designated for guest parking.  Other lots may be assigned as deemed necessary.

Limitation Of Visitor Parking Spaces

The Visitor Parking spaces in Lot #7 have been limited to 17.  Once this limit has been reached all other requests are assigned in the parking garage located at 154 Summit Street.

Requests for five or more guests are generally assigned in the parking garage.

Garage Deck Entrance Instructions

If your request has been assigned to the parking deck, please inform your guest that he or she must come to the entrance of the garage gates and ask a Public Safety Officer for assistance. Garage deck entrances are equipped with a two-way speaker that can be activated with the touch of the red button located near the card reader access panel.

The Science and Technology Park Garage (STPG) is located at 46 Wilsey Street, Newark.


Other Information

Guest Parking Criteria

Requests are approved in lot #7 according to the availability of space.

Reservations are issued on a first-come first-served basis.  If lot #7 becomes fully reserved, your guests will be directed to park in the parking garage located on Summit Street.

Guest Parking for the Disabled

Handicapped parking spaces cannot be held for reservations.  These spaces are issued on a first-come first-served basis.  If your guest requires a handicapped parking space, and has a special permit or plates on his or her vehicle, please note this in the comments field of the visitor parking form before submitting the request.

Visitor Parking Confirmation Period

All requests are confirmed within 24 hours of reservation date.  If you are in need of an immediate response to your request, please contact the Parking Services Department.

Alternate modes of reserving guest parking spaces

It is highly recommended that university employees utilize the visitor parking system for guest parking reservations.  However, if you are unable to obtain access to this system, please either interoffice mail or fax your request to the Parking Services Department. 

** Please refrain from using the e-mail system for visitor parking reservations.  E-mails sent to private addresses may not be received in enough time to inform parking lot attendants.

Guest Parking Lot Assignment Changes

The Department of Public Safety reserves the right to adjust visitor parking lot assignments on an emergency basis.  If this becomes necessary, you will be notified via phone or memo prior to the change in the arrangement.

Updates and/or Cancellations of Visitor Parking Requests

We are presently unable to edit visitor parking requests once they have been processed in the system.  Please send requests for updates in guest counts, and cancellations to the Parking Services Department via phone, fax, or interoffice mail.

Same Day Visitor Parking Requests

The visitor parking system will not accept same-day requests.  Please send your requests to the Parking Services Department via phone, fax or interoffice mail.

Mail/Fax Same Day Reservations Information

Visitor Parking Request
Parking Services Department
Phone: 973-642-7190
Fax:     973-596-5885


Printable Parking Reservation Form (MS Word)