Employee Parking Fees

From:  NJIT Human Resources

Date:  Thursday August 13, 2015

Subject:  NJIT Employee Parking Fees

NJIT employee parking fees and procedures are changing, beginning with the September 11, 2015 pay. Employees affected include: non-aligned staff, employees of consenting bargaining units, adjuncts, hourly and temporary staff, and NJII employees. Under a new fee structure, the parking fee will be assessed at 0.4% of an employee’s annual salary.
Significant changes are as follows:
• There will be two distinct periods for parking registration:
o Parking permit period #1: July 1- December 31
o Parking permit period #2: January 1-June 30
• There will be 24 biweekly deductions, of 0.433% of gross pay, for 12- month employees and 20 biweekly deductions, of 0.44% of gross pay, for 10- month employees.
• The fee for adjuncts, temporary salaried and hourly employees will be 0.4% of gross pay for every biweekly paycheck issued.
• Employees currently utilizing NJIT parking: It will be assumed that all employees currently utilizing NJIT parking will continue to park at NJIT during the upcoming parking permit period and permits will renew automatically.
• Employees who wish to opt out of parking must return parking permits no later than June 15th for parking period #1, and/or December 15th for parking period #2.
• There will be no rebates or discounts for partial use of parking permits. Returning a parking permit before the end of a parking permit period will not eliminate the parking fee. Also, unused parking days cannot be used in a new period.
• Employees opting in for NJIT parking: Employees who request a parking permit for the first time will begin incurring fees as of the date their vehicle is registered with the Office of Security Systems, Photo Identification, & Parking Services.
• New hires requesting NJIT parking: New hires who would like to park at NJIT will be provided a parking registration application during their initial onboarding process. The new employee must bring the parking registration application to the Office of Facility Systems, Photo Identification, & Parking Services, in order to receive a parking permit. Once the parking permit is issued, the Office of Facility Systems, Photo Identification, & Parking Services will notify the Payroll Department to initiate the biweekly parking fee deduction.
• Requests for a hardship exception must be submitted in writing, with the appropriate supporting documentation, to the Office of Facility Systems, Photo Identification & Parking Services and will be reviewed and resolved by the University Parking Committee.
                   Summary of Parking Fee Changes, effective the 9/11/15 pay
Employee Status                Rate of Pay                      # of biweekly deductions
12-month                              0.433%                                        24
10-month                              0.44%                                          20
Adjunct, hourly, temporary 0.4% Every issued paycheck
New parking permit periods:
Parking permit period #1: July 1 – December 31
Parking permit period #2: January 1 – June 30


  • Return permit by 6/15 for period #1
  • Return permit by 12/15 for period #2, ongoing

               Note: There will be no rebates or discounts for partial use of parking permits.
• Register with the Office of Facility Systems, Photo Identification & Parking Services. Fees incur as of date of registration.
If you have questions regarding the new fee or other changes, please contact your union representative or Nancy Hark (nancy.m.hark@njit.edu) in the Department of Human Resources.
Thank you.