About the Center for Pre-College Programs









Established in 1979, the Center for Pre-College Programs seeks to increase access to STEM (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics) fields among traditionally underrepresented populations and to improve STEM teaching in secondary and elementary schools. Many program alumni have gone on to have fulfilling careers as teachers, aerospace engineers, biomedical researchers, financiers, and computer programmers, among other professions. All programs involve corporate partners, local school districts, nonprofit educational organizations, and NJIT. The corporate partners provide classroom speakers, financial support, role models, field trips, and expertise in the teaching of science and engineering.

Our programs inspire and engage students from 4th to 12th grades with hands-on courses in STEM fields such as robotics, environmental science, mechanical engineering, chemistry, and computer coding, as well as general college-prep classes. The Center for Pre-College Programs annually serves more than 3,000 elementary and secondary students and their teachers.