To:        The University Community
From:   Donald H. Sebastian
Date:    Monday, March 9, 2009
RE:        NJIT Board of Overseers Excellence in Service Awards

I am pleased to call for nominations for the NJIT Board of Overseers Excellence in Service Awards.  Up to two awards may be given in any year; each award is valued at $2,500. NJIT has had a service award program since 1981 established under the auspices of the NJIT Board of Overseers.

Each NJIT Service award is presented in recognition of a sustained record of contributions, over a period of at least five (5) years. These awards acknowledge contributions that are above and beyond those that would normally be expected of someone holding the nominee’s position at the university. The nominee’s contributions should be integral to the successful fulfillment of the university’s mission of service.

Nominees must have been a member of the NJIT faculty or a member of the NJIT staff (academic or non-academic) for at least the past five years.  Previous winners of NJIT Excellence in Service Awards are not eligible for consideration. Award nominations may focus on service and activities within the NJIT community or extending beyond the NJIT community.

Criteria for the NJIT Excellence in Service Award are the following:

If the nomination is for service within the NJIT community –

  • There should be a sustained record of contributions that have enabled individuals and organizations in the university community to achieve excellence.
  • The contributions should be recognized across a broad cross-section of the university community.  The nomination should include letters of support from several different units within the university.

If the nomination is primarily for service and activities extending beyond the NJIT community –

  • There should be a sustained record of external contributions that have been successful in elevating the stature of NJIT.
  • The contributions should have received positive recognition. The nomination should include external letters of support from recognized leaders and/or organizations.

Nominations must be received no later than Monday, April 6, 2009. Nominations and complete dossiers must be submitted electronically. No paper nomination letters and dossiers can be accepted. Please submit all materials to both and