To:        The NJIT Faculty

From:    Donald H. Sebastian

Date:     Tuesday, September 8, 2009

RE:        NJIT Research Cafe

Dear Colleagues,

We are delighted and energized to invite you and everyone you know to the launch of the NJIT Research Cafe, a participatory series of Q and A’s about research projects and the latest trends in science and technology by top-notch people from NJIT and neighboring academic and industrial communities, in the relaxed atmosphere of the faculty dining area.  Find out what your colleagues are doing, and take home a useful new idea and contact.  Our series is patterned after similar successful science cafes in New York, the Duke University area, and several other places in the US. The topics will be of current interest, possibly about research, at an appropriate level for our academic communities of faculty and students.

What/How: The speaker introduces the topic and then takes questions from the audience with a chance for follow up.

Who/When: Tuesdays and Thursdays, 4:30 to 6:00 PM.

  • September 29 – Prof. Treena Arinzeh, Biomedical Engineering, - Stem Cells: Their Origins and Applications being Explored at NJIT.
  • October 20 - Dr. Donald Louria, Chair Emeritus, Department of Preventive Medicine and Community Health, New Jersey School of Medicine - The Societal Consequences of Creating Extraordinary Longevity and the Looming Medicare Catastrophe: a Systems Approach 
  • November 19 – Prof. Reginald Farrow, Physics - Self Assembled Carbon Nanotubes and Nano-Devices with Applications to Biotechnology

Where: The faculty dining area on the third floor of the Campus Center.  We will supply light refreshments, or you can order from the Pub’s or the Center’s cafeteria menu (at your own expense) and bring it over to the dining area. The talk will begin promptly at 4:30 PM.  Abundant white napkins are available, but please bring your own pen.

Hope to see you there.

The Research Café is sponsored by Sigma Xi and endorsed by the Technology and Society Forum. For additional information contact Jay Kappraff at x3490.

Sincerely yours,

Jay Kappraff (Mathematics), John Egan (Humanities) and Andrew Meyer-Emeritus (ECE)