Provost’s Workshop Series: Fall 2010

All workshops are scheduled in room 112 Eberhardt, 4:00 – 5:30 PM unless otherwise indicated.





October 14
Learning Objectives – What are they and why should I be using them?  This session will discuss the three basic components of a well-written learning objective.  In addition to discussing how learning objectives can be used to set clear expectations about what students can expect to gain from a class or activity we will also explore how to align course assessment with these objectives.  There will also be discussions about how learning objectives are increasingly becoming important components during ABET and Middle States accreditation.  Howard Kimmel,  Judith Redling, Levelle Burr-Alexander
October 21
Engaging Students: A discussion with the Master Teachers This will be a panel discussion where a number of Master Teachers will discuss strategies for engaging students.  This distinguished panel will discuss both traditional as well as web-enhanced methods for helping students embrace course materials. Ron Rockland & The Master Teachers
Wednesday, November 3 “My Experiences Using Moodle” – An NJIT users group meeting Join us for our first Moodle user’s group. During this session we would like to host a conversation where our users can discuss their experiences with Moodle, including - what has worked well, what tricks have you learned and what changes would you like to see. This will ideally be an informal discussion where users can ask general questions and show-off what they are doing in their classes.  We will also demo some model courses.  This is not a hands-on session and everyone is welcome regardless of whether you are a seasoned Moodler or a newbie.    Blake Haggerty, Keith Williams and select faculty members.


Monday November 8
4:00 – 5:30


Intellectual Property Issues

The presentation is to be a short intellectual property (IP) introduction for NJIT research personnel. It will include information related to best practices for protection of IP as well as common pitfalls to avoid in a university setting. In addition, it will describe the logistics of the IP protection process at NJIT as well as several NJIT policies related to IP including the NJIT Patent Policy and the NJIT Open Courseware Policy.

Paul Matri (Manager of Patent Prosecution)

Holly Stern (University Council)


Tuesday, November 9 “Day in a Life of a Professor / Careers in Academe” What are the expectations for new faculty in a university setting and what are the expectations of the university for these new faculty members?  How does this evolve as a faculty member achieves tenure and moves up the academic ranks?  A panel of representative faculty from four of NJIT’s colleges and schools will discuss relevant issues and share experiences.

Dr. Ronald Kane Dean Graduate Studies,

Dr. Shanthi Gopalakrishnan for Management,

Dr. Michael Bieber for CCS,

Dr. Nirwan Ansari for NCE, and

Dr. Dale Gary for CSLA

Dr. Ronald Kane
Dr. Shanthi Gopalakrishnan
Dr. Michael Bieber,
Dr. Nirwan
Dr. Dale Gary


Wednesday November 17
2:30 – 4:00
"Learning Communities and the Culture of Retention" This session is the first in a series of workshops on learning communities, student engagement, and the culture of retention. Dr. Mayberry will provide a brief overview of learning community models, lessons learned, and outcomes.  The workshop will also give participants a chance to follow some of the collaborative steps often used in the early stages of learning community program development.

Faculty participants in the workshop are encouraged to bring several copies of a recent syllabus for a first or second year course they teach. Non-faculty can also participate. (Part 2 of the Learning Communities series takes place on December 8th)


Dr. Katherine J. Mayberry

(VP for Special Projects, Rochester Institute of Technology)


Wednesday, December 1
4:30 – 6:00


Adjunct Workshop and Reception This session is intended to help adjuncts meet some of their peers as well as gain a better understanding of some of the resources and tools that are available to NJIT adjuncts. This workshop will present ideas for using technology to help make the most efficient use of the instructor and students’ time both in and out of the classroom.  Some of the topics that we will cover include the use of technologies in teaching at NJIT (what is available), how to get started, suggested uses and who to contact for support. Dr. Ian Gatley and the TLT group