Fall 2009 University Workshop Series:

Revitalizing Your Academic Experience

All workshops are scheduled in room 112 Eberhardt, 4:00 – 5:30 PM unless otherwise indicated

Date / Time




Thursday, Sept. 24 3710 GITC

“Are You Ready for Information Literacy Outcomes in the Accreditation Process”

Are we teaching our students to be information literate?  What exactly is information literacy?    Is it a new skill or an old one?  Are we ready with information literacy outcomes for accreditation review?  Examine these questions and get ideas on how to incorporate 21st century literacy's in your assignments and outcomes assessments.

Davida Scharf

Wednesday, Oct. 14

“Implementing program wide changes for large section courses”



This session will explore how all of the large-enrollment sections of the freshman chemistry courses were revised.  By creating two separate tracks for students taking these required courses they were able to ensure that all students benefit from accessing common materials.  The material covered in CHEM 121, 122 and 123 is basically the same material as in CHEM 125 and CHEM 126 – the main difference being the speed with which the material is presented and how the material is presented.   They will also discuss how they implemented an online homework system for both tracks to help the students learn the materials.  The end result has been better retention rates and more engaged students.

Frank Ellis

Thursday, Oct. 29

“Academic Integrity”

This session will focus on the reasons student cheat, the reasons why enforcement is necessary, strategies faculty can employ to combat cheating, as well as a review of the process for reporting cheating and range of penalties for different offenses. Myths regarding the deporting of International students and the time cases take to adjudicate will be shared, as will case data for the last two years.



J. Gentul & L. Thomas

Wednesday, Nov. 11

“Day in a Life of a Professor / Careers in Academe”

What are the expectations for new faculty in a university setting and what are the expectations of the university for these new faculty members?  How does this evolve as a faculty member achieves tenure and moves up the academic ranks?  A panel of representative faculty from four of NJIT’s colleges and schools will discuss relevant issues and share experiences.



R. Kane

Monday, Nov. 30

“Computing Resources – The Open Science Grid”

Open Science Grid (OSG) is a distributed organization which provides access to high performance computing and storage resources. This presentation will discuss OSG's history and structure, research projects relevant to OSG, as well as NJIT's current activities with respect to OSG.

G. Wolosh

Thursday, Dec. 1

4:30 – 6:00


“Adjunct Workshop and Reception”

Use of technologies in teaching at NJIT – what is available, getting started, how it is used and who to contact for support.  This workshop will also cover ideas for using technology to help make the most efficient use of the instructor and students’ time both in and out of the classroom.