SolveIt: What You Need

To run SOLVEIT on your machine you should have JAVA 2 - JDK/JRE V 1.2.2 installed.

You can download and install the JAVA 2 - JDK/JRE V 1.2.2 software from the following site:  When you click on the link, you get the following window, then click on the save file button.




Once you click on save file button you get the following window. Choose the C: directory and click on the save button


After downloading go to icon My Computer on the desktop of your machine and click on it which brings the following window.


Once you get the above window you go to C drive and click on the file you downloaded.


Repeat the steps to download the SOLVEIT tool.

Note: After the installation you must restart your computer.


Install the software in the directory 'c:\jdk12' as shown in the window below


After selecting the directory your window should appear as the window shown below, then click on the Next button.



Go to the Control Panel of your system and click on ODBC32 icon to get the window as shown in the following figure below



Click on the Add button to get the following window. Select the Microsoft Access Driver(*.mdb) and then click the Finish button


When you click on the finish button (in Step 4) you will get the following window. Type the name 'solveit' in the Data Source Name Field and click on the Select button to get next window.


Go to the SOLVEIT directory in which it was installed and select the solveit.mdb file. Click on the OK button to get the next window


Finally, your screen will show the window below. Click on the OK button.


Go to the SOLVEIT directory and run the solveit.bat file.


If it doesn't work make sure that your solveit.bat file has the following line c:/jdk12/bin/java Mainframe.  The directory 'c:/jdk12' is the path where JAVA 2 is installed.