Academic Planning

The NJIT Academic Plan 2013-2015

During the past several years, NJIT’s colleges, schools, and departments engaged in strategic and academic planning, positioning the university to launch the NJIT Academic Plan: 2013-2015. In January 2013, a draft plan was posted. In the ensuing four months this was further reviewed and revised by faculty committees.

A Transparent and Inclusive Process

The following working groups, chaired by the deans and co-chaired by faculty, reviewed and revised each section in the draft plan and made recommendations to the Deans’ Council. 


Committee 1: Strengthening NJIT’s Thematic Areas of Emphasis

Chair:  Urs Gauchat (CoAD)
Co- Chairs: Taha Marhaba (NCE), Eliza Michalopoulou (CSLA)
Membership (as of 2-13-13)

    Marvin Nakayama (CCS)
    Quentin Jones (CCS)
    Martina Decker (CoAD)
    Eric Fortune (CSLA)
    Dale Gary (CSLA)
    Richard Sher (CSLA)
    Ali Akansu (NCE)
    Treena Arinzeh (NCE)
    Michel Boufadel (NCE)
    Alexander Haimovich (NCE)
    Marguerite Schneider (SoM)
    Perry Deess (IRP)
    Dave Ullman (PO)


Committee 2: Ensuring Efficiency, Equity, and Fairness in Workload Assignment to Improve Academic Quality

Chair:   Pius Egbelu (SoM)
Co-Chairs: Jorge Golowasch (CSLA), John Schuring (NCE)
Membership (as of 2-13-13)

    Michael Bieber (CCS)
    Usman Roshan (CCS)
    Georgeen Theodore (CoAD)
    Daljit Ahluwalia (CSLA)
    Bruce Bukiet (CSLA)
    John Esche (CSLA)
    David Horntrop (CSLA)
    Nancy Jackson (CSLA)
    Reggie Caudhill (NCE)
    Jay Meegoda (NCE)
    Sotirios Ziavras (NCE)
    Perry Deess (IRP)
    John Federici (CSLA)
    Ecivit Bigili (NCE)
    Neil Maher (CSLA)
    Edward Dreizin (NCE)
    Shawn Chester (NCE)


Committee 3: Enhancing Student Success: Admission, Retention, Graduation, Employment, and Becoming Alumni

Chair: Jim Geller (CCS)
Co-Chairs:  Jonathan Luke (CSLA), Ala Saadeghvaziri (NCE)
Membership (as of 2-13-13)

    Narain Gehani (CCS)
    Richard Garber (CoAD)
    Carol Johnson (CSLA)
    Janice Daniel (NCE)
    Edwin Hou (NCE)
    Norm Loney (NCE)
    Ron Rockland (NCE)
    Jerry Fjermestad (SoM)
    Greg Mass (CDS)
    Charlie Fey (VP SAS)
    Dasha Barger (PO)
    Judy Redling (PO)
    Alex Rudniy (IRP)


Committee 4: Sustainable Reinvestment: State-of-the-Art Facilities, Classrooms, Laboratories, Instructional Technology, and Student/Faculty Services

Chair:  Basil Baltzis (NCE)
Co-Chairs: Edgardo Farinas (CSLA), Bryan Pfister (NCE)
Membership (as of 2-13-13)

    Vincent Oria (CCS)
    Keith Williams (CCS)
    Gabrielle Esperdy (CoAD)
    John Bechtold (CSLA)
    Andrew Klobucar (CSLA)
    Bernadette Longo (CSLA)
    Sanchoy Das (NCE)
    Lazar Spasovic (NCE)
    Katia Passerini (SoM)
    Michael Maysilles (Reg)
    Judy Redling (PO)
    Ray Calluori (IRP)
    Joe Bonchi (ITMS)
    Blake Haggerty (ITMS)
    Rich Sweeney (Library)
    William Reynolds (ITMS)
    Gale Spak (CPE)


Committee 5:  Towards an Aspirational Academic Plan

Chair: Atam Dhawan (ADHC)
Co-Chairs: Bharat Biswal (NCE), Farzan Nadim (CSLA)
Membership (as of 2-13-13)

    Fadi Deek (Interim Provost, Ex-officio)
    Cristian Borcea (CCS)
    Chengjun Liu (CCS)
    Mathew Burgermaster (CoAD)
    Andrzej Zarzycki (CoAD)
    Amit Bose (CSLA)
    Camelia Prodan (CSLA)
    David Rothenberg (CSLA)
    Gareth Russell (CSLA)
    Piero Armenante (NCE)
    Tara Alvarez (NCE)
    Cesar Bandera (SoM)
    Cheickna Sylla (SoM)