Shared Governance Initiative

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As stated in the resolution set forth by the Board of Trustees on April 7, 2011, “National, regional, and state demands for post-secondary education require a contemporary university governance structure in which administrators, faculty, staff, students, and alumni work collaboratively to respond to issues of institutional context and educational effectiveness. A model of shared governance embodies a contemporary governance structure providing shareholder representation, authoritative reporting, deliberative review, and a structured environment of transparency, timeliness, and closure.”

As a part of this resolution, the Board of Trustees authorized the creation of “a University Senate or alternative models of shared governance for NJIT [with a deadline] to implement the University Senate or alternative models of shared governance...”

The development of a shared governance model--that is a governance structure that balances “shareholder participation in planning and decision making with administrative responsibility, with clear delineation of responsibility and authority as delegated by the Board of Trustees, the entity that has all legal authority over the governance of the institution”--is led by a Shared Governance Steering Committee.  The membership of that committee, representing the NJIT community and chaired by Provost Deek, can be found here.

This committee has been charged with implementation of the new Shared Governance structure in the 2011 calendar year. Documentation of the progress of that committee will be provided as the committee pursues its deadline.