Provost's Initiatives

2020 Vision: A Strategic Plan for NJIT

2020 Vision–The NJIT Strategic Plan sets a bold challenge for NJIT, one that will move the university into the top tier of technological research universities. With its pragmatic focus on students, learning, scholarly research, community and investment, it lays out a blueprint for growth. The plan offers specific objectives and strategies that will improve the way NJIT educates students, advances research, and ultimately contributes to the local, regional and national economy, thereby responding to its four-part mission of education, research, service, and economic development. It also describes the specific investments required to implement the improvements and achieve the goals. Although ambitious, 2020 Vision is built on the reality of NJIT finances and shows how well-planned stewardship can bring about transformation while investing within our means.


Leadership in Digital Learning: Convergence

By 2020, 25% of all academic courses will be delivered by methods that end the distinction between face-to-face and online instruction. Through the use of digital technology, the physical classroom and the virtual classroom will converge, and all students, regardless of their physical location, will participate in the same learning activities simultaneously. They will have the choice of being in the classroom or interacting with the instructor and other students through the use of internet streaming.


NJIT Academic Plan

The advancement of academic priorities is critical to the future of NJIT.  The NJIT Academic Plan 2013-2015, transitional in nature, describes a process of academic prioritizing that will be strengthened through collaboration and refinement.  As we prepare for the roll out of this plan, we invite our academic community to review and refine the vision.  At the core of the plan is attention to fair, impartial, and transparent processes that will lead to evidence-based decisions that will support the academic programs we offer, the faculty and researchers who cultivate them, and the students we serve.

This transitional academic plan, as a working document, will position the university toward the next Aspirational Academic Plan by 2015.  The aspirational plan will be a document that is both visionary and practical, and will have the support of the NJIT community. 


Shared Governance

In Spring 2011, the Board of Trustees authorized the creation of “a University Senate or alternative models of shared governance for implement the University Senate or alternative models of shared governance...”. The development of a shared governance model--that is a governance structure that balances “shareholder participation in planning and decision making with administrative responsibility, with clear delineation of responsibility and authority as delegated by the Board of Trustees, the entity that has all legal authority over the governance of the institution”-- is led by a Shared Governance Steering Committee.  The membership of that committee, representing the NJIT community, is chaired by Provost Deek.


Assessment of Student Learning

The NJIT Program Review Process is the centerpiece of the university’s student learning assessment initiative. Program Review promotes a culture of assessment at NJIT, building a cohesive assessment strategy for all degree granting programs. Detailed program review occurs according to a 5-yr cycle plan, while yearly program updates demonstrate continuous improvement in the delivery of educational curricula. Our methods of assessment of educational effectiveness are aligned with our methods of assessment of institutional context. 



NJIT as a leading public technology research university is committed to advancing the highest quality basic and applied research and scholarship fostering creativity, interdisciplinary collaboration, community engagement and commitment to the highest level to professional ethics. We thrive to provide an exceptional academic and research and innovation experience to students at baccalaureate through doctoral levels.


Work/Life Balance

Helping each faculty member attain a balance in his or her professional lives is a high priority at NJIT, and we will assist faculty in dealing with their commitments to their careers and their families.


Prospective Faculty Resources

To aid prospective faculty members in learning more about NJIT as a place to work, teach, and research, we have put together this list of resources.