Final Exam Conflict Policy

In the event that three final exams are scheduled on the same day or that two exams are scheduled for the same hour of the same day, the following rules shall be used to resolve such conflicts:

RULE 1: Final examinations of courses with multiple sections taking a common final examination shall be taken during their regularly scheduled period.

If the conflict is not completely resolved by Rule No. 1, then Rule No. 2 shall be used to resolve the remaining conflict.

RULE 2: The final examination for a course of higher numerical value shall be taken during the regularly scheduled period. (e.g. ME 470 will be taken before ME 455 or SS 431).

If the conflict is still not completely resolved by Rules No. 1 and 2, Rule No. 3 shall be used to resolve the remaining conflict.

RULE 3: The final examinations of courses with the same numerical value (e.g. CE 210 and EE 210) shall be taken in alphabetical order of the prefix of the course number (e.g. CE 210 during its regularly scheduled period and EE during some other period which is mutually convenient).

Once priority has been determined for the examination to be taken during its regularly scheduled period, the deferred examination may be taken during the conflict period at the end of all other examinations, with an evening section of the course, or by special arrangement between the instructor and the student; if that arrangement does not create another conflict for the student.