2017 May Candidates

This list contains those students who have been pre-certified by their department indicating that they will graduate pending successful completion of Spring 2017 coursework and also those eligible to participate in the ceremony.  Please note that this list will be refreshed weekly.

Any names submitted to the Office of the Registrar after April 10 will appear on this list but will not appear in the Commencement Ceremony book.


Name Department Degree

Abanilla, Jeff-Ray R. IT Administration & Security MS
Abatemarco, Paul M. Chemical Engineering BS
Abba Abbas, Sanda Civil Engineering MS
Abdallah, Jannah Y. Industrial Engineering BS
Abdelgani, Fawzi Engineering Science BS
Abdelmaseh, Abanoub E. Civil Engineering BS
Abdelmotaal, Donia A. Architecture BAR
Abdulai, Adam Baba Civil Engineering MS
Abdul-Hakeem, Ibin E. Applied Mathematics MS
Abidi, Hena H. Business Administration MBA
Aboobacker, Ashraf Z. Web & Information Systems BS
Abuassi, Amer A. Electrical Engineering BS
Abuhaimed, Khaled H. Occup. Safety & Health Engr. MS
Abunamous, Aymen A. Computer Engineering BS
Acharya, Sagar S. Biology BA
Acosta, Duvany Mechanical Engineering BS
Adebari, Olufunbi Business & Information Systems MS
Adeniran, Adewumi A. Civil Engineering MS
Adeyemo, Mohammed M. Business BS
Adjetey, Daniel-Peter Chemical Engineering BS
Afzal, Adeel Computer Technology BET
Afzal, Sajeel Electrical & Computer Eng Tech BET
Agarwal, Gaurav Computer Science MS
Agas, Agnieszka M. Biomedical Engineering MS
Agnihotri, Aakanksha Telecommunications MS
Agudelo, Veronica Communication BA
Aguilar, Danny Mechanical Engineering BS
Ahmad, Mubshar Electrical Engineering MS
Ahmed, Cynthia E. Business BS
Ahmed, Dalia Industrial Design BS
Ahmed, Mohamed Electrical & Computer Eng Tech BET
Ahmed, Syed Biology BA
Aiken, Brett M. Information Technology BS
Airy Prasanna, Narasimha Prasad Mechanical Engineering MS
Aisoni, Jonathan P. Mechanical Engineering BS
Ait lahsen, Jaouad Electrical Engineering BS
Aji, Randa Interior Design BA
Akeredolu, Anuoluwapo Matthew Civil Engineering MS
Akeredolu, Olufeoluwa Eunice Biochemistry BS
Akhadov, Akrom Surveying Engineering Tech BET
Aktar, Nahida Biology BA
Al Assafin, Ribal Biomedical Engineering BS
Al Dahnem, Mohammed H. Mechanical Engineering BS
Al Mohannadi, Rashid H. Management MS
Alagha, Ahmed Telecommunications MS
Alaqrabawi, Haneen H. Biology BA
Alarcon, Luis A. Surveying Engineering Tech BET
Alatrash, Mohanad Telecommunications MS
Albalawi, Mashael Information Systems MS
Albano, Angelo G. Chemical Engineering BS
Aldahabsheh, Obada G. Electrical Engineering MS
Alekhnovich, Max L. Web & Information Systems BS
Alex, Marco A. Chemical Engineering BS
Alexander, Ryan R. Information Technology BS
Aleyas, Manu Electrical Engineering MS
Alharbi, Emad A. Industrial Engineering PHD
Ali, Faran Electrical Engineering BS
Ali, Saad Biomedical Engineering BS
Alimjan, Arzu Civil Engineering BS
Allam, Sahitya Biomedical Engineering BS
Allorbi, Mawuli S. Electrical Engineering BS
Alluru, Pavan Kumar Computer Science MS
Almalki, Nora Abdulkarim M Cyber Security & Privacy MS
Alotaibi, Hana A. Architecture MS
Al-Rashdan, Ala'a Abdel-Qader Ali Biomedical Engineering PHD
Al-Sijaya, Adam N. Architecture BAR
Alvarado, Yessenia G. Mechanical Engineering Tech BET
Alvarez Heredia, Paulina A. Pharmaceutical Engineering MS
Amadioha, Ugochukwu K. Environmental Science MS
Amaro, Alexander Computer Engineering BS
Amaro, Jose L. Business BS
Angeli, Joseph Civil Engineering BS
Antonio, Mariza Architecture BS
Ao, Tia A. Architecture BAR
Apigo, David J. Applied Physics PHD
Aponte, David A. Business BS
Appelhans, Monika Architecture MAR
Arango Valencia, Andres F. Computer Science BS
Araujo, Gabriel J. Industrial Engineering BS
Aref, Dima M. Bioinformatics MS
Areh, Izuchukwu S. Business Administration MBA
Arellano, Elizabeth Civil Engineering BS
Argilan, David A. Computer Science BS
Arias, Fabio A. Digital Design BA
Arias, Juan C. Chemical Engineering BS
Arora, Abhishek Electrical Engineering MS
Arun, Arjun Engineering Management MS
Arya, Chirag S. History BA
Arya, Surbhi O. Information Systems MS
Aslamy, Roya Biology BA
Asmah, Ebo Electrical Engineering MS
Atempa, Eric Computer Science BS
Awad, Christine Pharmaceutical Engineering MS
Awosola, Cornelius O. Electrical Engineering BS
Ayoola, Elizabeth T. Pharmaceutical Sys Management MS
Ayoub, Feras Civil Engineering MS
Azary, Maged Mechanical Engineering BS
Babaria, Jainish S. Mechanical Engineering BS
Baksh, Asif M. Electrical Engineering BS
Balisi, Marjorie S. Civil Engineering BS
Ballardo, Joseph Mathematical Sciences BS
Banahene, Kwadwo K. Electrical Engineering BS
Banerjee, Devdatta Communication BS
Baradekannanraj, Akshay Information Systems MS
Barro, Parfait S. Electrical & Computer Eng Tech BET
Bartholomew, Philip L. Materials Science & Engr MS
Basak, Prithish Chemical Engineering MS
Baseman, Gabriel P. Human Computer Interaction BS
Basile, Christian A. Computer Science BS
Baskaran, Gokulakrishnan Computer Engineering MS
Bass, Muraad H. Industrial Engineering BS
Bassett, William A. Computer Science MS
Batchelor, Ian J. Mechanical Engineering Tech BET
Bazylewicz, Justin A. Mechanical Engineering BS
Bebawy, Michael D. Biology BA
Becker, Jonathan R. Electrical Engineering BS
Bednarz, Dylan J. Chemical Engineering BS
Beer, Andrew F. Architecture MAR
Beer, Larissa Deborah Anne Business BS
Bejarano, Antonio Architecture BAR
Beladi, Roxana N. Biology BA
Belfield, April D. Architecture BAR
Beltran, Daniel L. Architecture BAR
Bendel, Kyle A. Architecture BAR
Benjamin, Troy Industrial Design BS
Benony, Betty Biomedical Engineering BS
Bentley, Ian A. Architecture BAR
Berdan, Carly Biology BA
Bergrin, Elad Computer Science BS
Berish, Matthew J. Architecture BAR
Berkane, Abdellatif Electrical & Computer Eng Tech BET
Bernal, Marelis A. Business Administration MBA
Bhagwat, Shweta Sukhanand Software Engineering MS
Bhalerao, Amit Khandu Computer Engineering MS
Bhargav, Krunal S. Electrical Engineering MS
Bhati, Dhananjay Mahesh Computer Engineering MS
Bhatt, Vatsal Information Technology BS
Bhattacharjee, Sanchita Information Systems MS
Bhole, Manasi A. Computer Science MS
Bini, Kendall A. Chemical Engineering BS
Bishara, Ryan P. Medical Informatics Tech BET
Bishay, Rafael Biomedical Engineering MS
Biswas, Somdeb Electrical Engineering MS
Blancaflor, David-Nigel A. Civil Engineering BS
Bojjam, Rithvik Kranti Electrical Engineering MS
Bolante, Jerome D. Information Technology BS
Bolcar, Christian Mechanical Engineering Tech BET
Boles, Suzy A. Architecture BAR
Bommanaboina, Ramya Electrical Engineering MS
Bonelli, Eric Electrical Engineering BS
Bonite, Janpaolo R. Civil Engineering BS
Bosch, Chris-John Civil Engineering BS
Bose, Aishwarya Computer Science MS
Botros, Andrew F. Construction Engineering Tech BET
Botros, Romany A. Biomedical Engineering BS
Boujabar, Adil Mechanical Engineering MS
Boyles, Joseph A. Biomedical Engineering BS
Bozkurt, Sean Mechanical Engineering BS
Bradford, Scott A. Business Administration MBA
Brahmbhatt, Varun R. Computer Science MS
Bransky, Adam H. Science, Technology & Society BS
Braunius, Peter Electrical Engineering MS
Bretts, Brandon N. Civil Engineering BS
Brown, Fredrick Business Administration MBA
Brown, Kelly R. Biomedical Engineering BS
Brown, Zamion I. Electrical & Computer Eng Tech BET
Brundage, Brittani M. Web & Information Systems BS
Buell, Dakota K. Computer Science BS
Bueno De Moraes, Joaquim T. Information Technology BS
Buhler, Brent P. Computer Science BS
Burkhardt, Elise M. Mathematical Sciences BS
Butler, Nyija M. Mechanical Engineering BS
Buttacavoli, Steven J. Mechanical Engineering BS
Byron, Kevin F. Computer Science PHD
Caba, Federico Mechanical Engineering BS
Cabral, Henry Biomedical Engineering BS
Cabral, Jeffrey Business BS
Cabrera, Francis E. Biomedical Engineering MS
Cabrera, Luz D. Industrial Design BS
Cadenilla, Andrea Marie C. Mechanical Engineering Tech BET
Callaghan, Ryan A. Business BS
Callo, Armando W. Computer Science MS
Calvachi, Ivan E. Mechanical Engineering BS
Campbell, Kolawole O. Electrical Engineering BS
Campos, David Civil Engineering BS
Cano, Andrea Civil Engineering BS
Cao, Yu Computer Science MS
Carbonara, Nicholas D. IT Administration & Security MS
Carr, Sidney A. Computer Science BS
Carrasco, Nathalie Digital Design BA
Cartasano, Chester Mechanical Engineering Tech BET
Caruso, Joseph P. Civil Engineering MS
Caruso, Zachary J. Mechanical Engineering BS
Carvajal, Jessica M. Business Administration MBA
Casey, Shane Electrical Engineering BS
Castillo, Alex F. Electrical Engineering BS
Castor, Michel T. Mathematical Sciences BS
Cayas, Juan Information Systems MS
Cepeda, Jan Electrical & Computer Eng Tech BET
Cevallos, Walter L. Concrete Industry Management BS
Cevallos, Walter L. Civil Engineering BS
Chada, Aishwarya Reddy Civil Engineering MS
Chahbazpour, Shannon Business Administration MBA
Champagne, Sharajhen Business BS
Chan, Enoch D. Law, Technology, & Culture BA
Chan, Keen S. Medical Informatics Tech BET
Chan, Ko H. Architecture MS
Chan, Wai T. Management MS
Chandran, Vishnu Deep Chemical Engineering MS
Chandrasekaran, Anirudh Industrial Engineering MS
Chandrasekaran, Gowtham Electrical Engineering MS
Chandrasekaran, Subhalakshmi Biomedical Engineering MS
Chang, Dustin Business BS
Chang, Enoch Information Technology BS
Chang, Jeff W. Biology BA
Chao, Yin Yu Information Systems MS
Charles Jr, Timothy A. Mechanical Engineering BS
Chatterjee, Ishani Computer Engineering MS
Chatterjee, Sourav Computer Science MS
Chaudhari, Suyog Sudhir Power and Energy Systems MS
Chaudhary, Saurabh Business & Information Systems MS
Chaudhry, Talha A. Biomedical Engineering BS
Chawla, Dhruv Mechanical Engineering MS
Chegwidden, Andrew H. Construction Engineering Tech BET
Chellappan Selvaraj, Rohit Engineering Management MS
Chen, Arthur Information Technology BS
Chen, Chia-Hsiao J. Electrical Engineering BS
Chen, Daniel Biology BA
Chen, Kaidi Computer Science MS
Chen, Kevin Interior Design BA
Chen, Melanie G. Biology BA
Chen, Shaojie Electrical Engineering MS
Chen, Yuqian Applied Statistics MS
Chennamaneni, Saichander Rao Civil Engineering MS
Chica, Mike Information Technology BS
Chidiri, Venkata Jayasimha Hari Engineering Management MS
Chilla, Bindu Meghana Reddy Electrical Engineering MS
Chinnaswamy, Dinakar M. Computer Science MS
Chithan, Sivasubramanian Telecommunications MS
Chitrapu, Kamala M. Computer Engineering BS
Chodkiewicz, Andrew A. Construction Engineering Tech BET
Choi, Joseph Information Technology BS
Choksi, Rohan N. Information Systems MS
Choudhary, Dipayan Datta Power and Energy Systems MS
Christian, Angela S. Information Systems MS
Chrysanthopoulos, Michael S. Electrical Engineering BS
Chu, Kuan-yu Information Systems MS
Chung, Philip Business BS
Ciccarelli, Mario V. Mechanical Engineering BS
Cichocka, Natalia Mechanical Engineering Tech BET
Ciolino, William J. Mechanical Engineering BS
Cipriano, Nicholas A. Chemical Engineering BS
Clark, Daniel G. Electrical Engineering BS
Clarke, Denmark E. International Business BS
Clarke, Isaac B. IT Administration & Security MS
Clough, Theodore G. Mechanical Engineering Tech BET
Coimbra, Mark J. Civil Engineering BS
Connolly, Matthew J. Chemical Engineering BS
Conover, Theodore A. Business BS
Constantin, Ian Cyber Security & Privacy MS
Convery, Jake P. Computer Engineering BS
Cordero, Anthony R. Chemical Engineering BS
Corrigan, Madeline C. Biomedical Engineering PHD
Cosmillo, Jake Mechanical Engineering BS
Coviello, Thomas Mechanical Engineering BS
Cowan, Evan D. Applied Physics BS
Crandall, Daniel Information Technology BS
Cranstoun, David J. Mechanical Engineering Tech BET
Crespo, Andres E. Engineering Science BS
Croneberger, Brian S. Mechanical Engineering BS
Croner, DeAnna M. Business & Information Systems MS
Cubas-Casana, Jorge General Studies BGS
Cuber, Robert E. Mathematical Sciences BS
Cusack, Christine M. Business & Information Systems MS
Cusanelli, Jessie P. Chemical Engineering BS
Dada, Promise Computer Engineering BS
Dalton, Mark J. Computer Science MS
Danan, Jeremy M. Business BS
Daniels, Thomas C. Information Technology BS
D'Antonio-Bertagnolli, John V. Biomedical Engineering MS
Dapake, Sfurti Sunil Information Systems MS
Darden, John M. Computer Science BS
Darker, Erik J. Chemical Engineering BS
Das, Rajeet K. Civil Engineering MS
Dave, Rushik Industrial Engineering MS
Davey, Jasper M. Computer Science BS
David, Karen L. Chemical Engineering BS
Davies, Dylan I. Electrical Engineering BS
Davila, Paul Y. Biomedical Engineering BS
Davis, Arlene M. Mechanical Engineering BS
Davis, Timothy R. Mechanical Engineering Tech BET
Davison, Daniela M. Biomedical Engineering BS
Daza, Carlos Information Technology BS
Daza, MaryCarmen Pharmaceutical Engineering MS
De Cristofaro, Cristina N. Biology BA
De Jesus, Mark Civil Engineering BS
De Jesus, Stephanie Industrial Engineering BS
De La Rosa, Marlon Mathematical & Comp Finance MS
De Oliveira Filho, Herton M. Mechanical Engineering BS
Debiasse, Patrick M. Mechanical Engineering BS
Deblasio, Frank S. Architecture BAR
Degliomini, Anthony Computer Science BS
De-Jesus, Maxiel I. Information Technology BS
Del Corro, Victor Architecture BAR
Deleon, Christopher J. Computer Science BS
Delgado, Marshall J. Construction Management Tech BET
Delli Paoli, Brice Human Computer Interaction BS
Delmotte, Badon T. Computer Technology BET
Delong, Patrick A. Civil Engineering BS
DeMarco, Kyle A. Engineering Management MS
Demitus, Jonathan Architecture BS
DeMoya, Yosbel Architecture BAR
Deng, Bo Chemical Engineering MS
Dennis, Zachary J. Mechanical Engineering BS
Desai, Aisha Biology BA
Desai, Haris Husainkhan Manufacturing Systems Engr MS
Desai, Harsh K. Mechanical Engineering MS
Desantis, Nicholas A. Mechanical Engineering Tech BET
Deshpande, Rajasi R. Business & Information Systems BS
Destine, Christnel Electrical & Computer Eng Tech BET
Devi, Gagan Mathematical Sciences BS
Dhandapani, Abhinaya Computer Science MS
Dharmaraj, Shruti Biomedical Engineering BS
Dhekne, Anisha Ajay Computer Science MS
Dhumal, Pratik G. Computer Science MS
Diallo, Alpha O. Mechanical Engineering Tech BET
Dias, Cletus C. Computer Science MS
Diaz, Lisa M. History BA
Diaz, Shannel C. Electrical Engineering BS
Diep, Paulina Architecture BAR
Dietze, James J. Civil Engineering BS
Digiaimo, Matthew S. Construction Engineering Tech BET
Dillon, Kenneth F. Computer Science MS
Dimarco, Paul E. Information Systems MS
Dinallo, Christopher J. Civil Engineering MS
Ding, Feng Electrical Engineering PHD
Ding, Xiaoyi Chemical Engineering MS
Divekar, Hrishikesh Ganesh Electrical Engineering MS
Donaldson, Kim L. Business Administration MBA
Dondapati, Akhil Biology BA
Dong, Jichen Computer Science MS
Dong, Nanyi Mathematical Sciences PHD
Dong, Qian Computer Science MS
Donovan, Christopher P. Mechanical Engineering Tech BET
Dorantes, Stephanie Mechanical Engineering BS
Dores, Thomas J. Infrastructure Planning MS
Dorne, Harrison S. Architecture MAR
Dos Santos, Nadhiesky IT Administration & Security MS
Dougher, Thomas W. Applied Statistics MS
Dougherty, Jonathan R. Electrical Engineering BS
Doyle, Justin Mechanical Engineering BS
Dudhat, Jeel Kantibhai Biology BA
Dudley, Alana E. Mathematical Sciences BS
Dungaria, Zubair A. Mechanical Engineering BS
Duran, Julian A. Engineering Management MS
Dutan, Paul A. Electrical Engineering BS
Dwekat, Faris Chemical Engineering BS
Dziedzic, Andrew Mathematical Sciences BS
Ebel, Robert G. Biomedical Engineering MS
Edwardson, Joshua R. Construction Engineering Tech BET
Eiras, Michael K. Mechanical Engineering BS
El Gendy, Hadeer Human Computer Interaction BS
Elabed, Tesneem I. Interior Design BA
Elam, Laniyyah D. Business BS
Elbenni, Elzahraa M. Chemical Engineering BS
Elias, Murad Biomedical Engineering BS
Elsakr, Jasmin Biomedical Engineering BS
Elsheikh, Dalal Industrial Design BS
Emery, John Mechanical Engineering BS
Eng, Ethan K. Computer Engineering BS
Entress, Keenan R. Business BS
Escalona-Lazo, Evelin Chemical Engineering BS
Espinoza, Carlos P. Medical Informatics Tech BET
Esposito, Fredrick S. Electrical & Computer Eng Tech BET
Estrella, Damaris Business Administration MBA
Evangelista, Jerhard L. Concrete Industry Management BET
Evangelista, Jerhard L. Architecture BS
Ezendokwere, Ogochimere L. Biomedical Engineering BS
Fahim, John E. Business BS
Fahmy, Cathrine Interior Design BA
Fahmy, Nancy M. Pharmaceutical Engineering MS
Falcetano, James J. Civil Engineering BS
Fan, Jitao Information Systems MS
Fan, Menglai Management MS
Fang, Yuan Electrical Engineering MS
Faouri, Areen Civil Engineering BS
Farnsworth, Brandon Electrical & Computer Eng Tech BET
Fattoross, Jared V. Civil Engineering MS
Federico, Nicole B. Construction Management Tech BET
Feldman, Michael I. Industrial Design BS
Feliz, Eglis A. Engineering Management MS
Feng, Haoshu Information Systems MS
Feng, Xuming Electrical Engineering MS
Ferlazzo, Raymond J. Mechanical Engineering BS
Fernandez, Diego A. Electrical & Computer Eng Tech BET
Fidacaro, Salvatore Construction Engineering Tech BET
Filippidis, Michael L. Mechanical Engineering BS
Firriolo, Andrew D. Computer Science BS
Fleeson, Alison M. Civil Engineering MS
Florestal, Welvens Mechanical Engineering Tech BET
Florez Bolanos, Jairo A. Mechanical Engineering BS
Flotteron, Eugene C. Mechanical Engineering BS
Forman Jr, Kenneth A. Mechanical Engineering BS
Fouad, Zakaria A. Biology BA
Foust, Christian A. Business BS
Frame, John W. Applied Statistics MS
Frances, Kirlos N. Civil Engineering MS
Franco Catano, Andres Information Technology BS
Fraser V, Albert G. Applied Physics BS
Friedman, Adam F. Architecture MAR
Frison, Donnisha Information Systems MS
Fu, Jing Pharmaceutical Engineering MS
Fu, Peihuang Electrical Engineering MS
Fullagar, Robert K. Construction Engineering Tech BET
Fulmore Fowlks, Quincy Communication BA
Funda, Einreb A. Computer Engineering BS
Gabriel, Joshua D. Communication BS
Gahlaut, Pushkar Computer Science MS
Gahlot, Mohit Electrical Engineering MS
Gahunia, Arshkirat S. Computer Science MS
Galipean, Thomas M. Computer Science BS
Gallo, John V. Industrial Engineering BS
Gambardella, Michael Civil Engineering BS
Gandhi, Hansal Deepak Information Systems MS
Gandhi, Nikhil Information Technology BS
Gangar, Saurabh P. Information Systems MS
Gao, Xun Chemistry PHD
Garay, Luis P. Civil Engineering MS
Garbarino, Amanda M. Architecture BAR
Garcia, David Business & Information Systems BS
Garcia, Justino IT Administration & Security MS
Garcia, Karen D. Materials Science & Engr MS
Garcia, Miguel Mechanical Engineering BS
Garcia, Robert Civil Engineering BS
Gardazi, Syed M. Mechanical Engineering MS
Garimella, Venkata Krishna Manoj Civil Engineering MS
Garis, Marina Chemical Engineering MS
Garnique, Gerardo S. Mechanical Engineering BS
Garrett, Lakeisha Business Administration MBA
Garudadri, Sharavan Koushik Computer Science MS
Gary, Tesha R. Business Administration MBA
Gatlawar, Yogesh Neelkanth Computer Science MS
Gavdanovich, Andrew Construction Engineering Tech BET
Gawe, Spencer S. Electrical Engineering MS
Gejji, Ritesh V. Business & Information Systems MS
Gendy, Michael G. Biomedical Engineering MS
Georgiadis, Michael Chemical Engineering BS
Gerges Ebaid, Abanoub Mechanical Engineering Tech BET
Ghantasala, Venkata Sai Rishith Computer Science MS
Ghebryal, George Civil Engineering MS
Ghosh, Chirantan Information Systems MS
Gilmore, Eric P. Information Technology BS
Giovanello, Alexander C. Business BS
Girgis, Kirles S. Mechanical Engineering MS
Go, Jean M. Civil Engineering MS
Goa Hinojosa, Dayana A. Telecommunications MS
Golamy-Sadig, Amin Biomedical Engineering BS
Goldman, Adam J. Information Technology BS
Golonek, Charles Computer Engineering BS
Gomez, Omar J. IT Administration & Security MS
Gomez, Yoquiel Mechanical Engineering BS
Gomez-Ortiz, Andres F. Civil Engineering MS
Gomulka, Pawel M. Mechanical Engineering MS
Goncalves, Monica A. Biomedical Engineering BS
Gonzalez Coronel, Jose M. Chemical Engineering MS
Gonzalez, Frank Civil Engineering BS
Gonzalez, Oswaldo Electrical Engineering MS
Gonzalez, Ruben Mechanical Engineering BS
Gonzalez, Viviana Architecture BAR
Goodridge, Jabarry V. Business BS
Gopalakrishna, Vinaykrishna Internet Engineering MS
Goradia, Rutmi U. Biology BS
Gordon, Maxwell Civil Engineering BS
Gore, Sandeep S. Computer Science MS
Gormley, Brandon T. Digital Design BA
Goswami, Karan Mechanical Engineering BS
Goulart, Brittany K. Communication BA
Govilkar, Saurabh D. Mechanical Engineering MS
Govindan, Sridevi Electrical Engineering MS
Govindaraajan, Deepak Industrial Engineering MS
Granier, Christian P. Computer Science BS
Grankina, Olga Mechanical Engineering MS
Grant, Brian Surveying Engineering Tech BET
Graziano, David Chemical Engineering BS
Gresham, Gentral T. Computer Engineering BS
Grossman, Steve IT Administration & Security MS
Grullon, Robert Business & Information Systems MS
Gu, Rui Computer Science MS
Gu, Yan Electrical Engineering MS
Guadalupe, Andrew M. Business BS
Gudoori, Vipul Industrial Engineering MS
Guerreiro, Paulo A. Architecture BAR
Guerrero, Alan W. Computer Science MS
Guerrero, Rafael Construction Engineering Tech BET
Gujral, Kunwar Singh Computer Science MS
Gulati, Abheek K. Computer Science MS
Gupta, Atul Industrial Engineering MS
Gupta, Kshitij Industrial Engineering MS
Gupta, Nishtha Engineering Management MS
Gupta, Rishabh Computer Science MS
Gutierrez Ocampo, Luisa F. Biomedical Engineering MS
Gwiszcz, Robert Chemical Engineering BS
Habegger, Nathalie Biochemistry BS
Haberstroh, Bryan V. Industrial Design BS
Hagari, Nijaguna Gouda Industrial Engineering MS
Hainzl, Michael J. Emergency Management Bus Cont MS
Hall, Evan J. Computer Science BS
Hamilton, Norman B. Computer Science BS
Hammouda, Omar M. Architecture BAR
Han, Zhong Electrical Engineering MS
Harding, Stephine A. Biology BA
Harris, Anneka A. Science, Technology & Society BS
Harrsch, Christopher J. Electrical & Computer Eng Tech BET
Harsulkar, Tulika S. Computer Science MS
Haubrich, Mariah K. Biomedical Engineering BS
Hausmann, Shane Mechanical Engineering BS
Hawkins, Michelle Industrial Engineering MS
Hazare, Disha D. Business & Information Systems MS
He, Jia Business & Information Systems MS
He, Zhenyu Electrical Engineering MS
Heeramun, Adheesh Industrial Engineering BS
Heeren, Daniel J. Mechanical Engineering BS
Helmy, Amin Business BS
Hercel, Thomas S. Civil Engineering MS
Hernandez, Wilfred Management MS
Hesse, Kelli A. Mechanical Engineering BS
Hilado, Carl W. Information Technology BS
Hilsabeck, Tyler C. Computer Science BA
Hina Siraj, Fnu Business & Information Systems MS
Hinds, Amanda J. Business BS
Ho, Liem T. Biology BA
Hoban, Brittany A. Information Technology BS
Hoff, Evan A. Construction Engineering Tech BET
Hong, Mingze Management MS
Hopper, Thomas W. Chemical Engineering BS
Hrapsky, Ryan J. Mechanical Engineering BS
Hsieh, Kai Chen Computer Science MS
Hu, Maocong Chemical Engineering PHD
Hu, Yuyang Materials Science & Engr MS
Hua, Whittier Civil Engineering BS
Huang, Ci Chemical Engineering MS
Huang, Qiongdan Electrical Engineering MS
Huang, Tianyi Materials Science & Engr MS
Huang, Wei-chang Computer Science MS
Huang, Wen Cong Applied Mathematics MS
Huang, Xueqing Electrical Engineering PHD
Huang, Zeyu Mechanical Engineering MS
Hughes, Connor G. Civil Engineering BS
Hurdle, Carlton Theater Arts and Technology BA
Hussain, Mir S. Electrical & Computer Eng Tech BET
Hussein, Mohamed Engineering Management MS
Hyusein, Abibe Y. Electrical Engineering MS
Ibrahim, Makar M. Concrete Industry Management BS
Iliff, Thatcher J. Mathematical Sciences BS
Imamura, Atsuki Computer Science BS
Indran, Shayeesan Telecommunications MS
Ionni, Frank Computer Technology BET
Islam, Mujahidul Business & Information Systems MS
Itani, Omar Biology BA
Ivanov, Ivan Civil Engineering MS
Iyer, Urvya R. Mathematical Sciences BS
Izquierdo, Nickolas Computer Science BA
Jaber, Ala Medical Informatics Tech BET
Jablonski, Pamela R. Interior Design BA
Jackson, Antonietta F. Mechanical Engineering Tech BET
Jackson, Brenden L. Mechanical Engineering BS
Jackson, Desmond M. Electrical Engineering BS
Jacob, Justin Engineering Management MS
Jaggi, Tina Chemistry BS
Jain, Animesh Sanjiv Business Administration MBA
Jain, Sahil V. Computer Science MS
Jaiswal, Anal S. Computer Science MS
Jakampudi Kuppuswamy, Nandhini Computer Science MS
Jalloh, Ibrahima Computer Science BS
Jalora, Jatin B. Computer Science MS
Jaloudi, Ashley F. Industrial Engineering BS
Jamalul, Al-rashid J. Computer Science BS
Janani, Rahul N. Information Technology BS
Jani, Pratik A. Business BS
Japheth, Precious N. Chemical Engineering BS
Jaremko, Kevyn M. Computer Science BS
Jariwala, Harsh K. Electrical Engineering MS
Jarosz, Erik S. Information Technology BS
Javed, Arisha Chemical Engineering BS
Javier, Elvis L. Information Technology BS
Jayakumar, Preethi Software Engineering MS
Jean, Baina-Lyssa Architecture BAR
Jevtic, Katarina Biology BA
Ji, Xiangyu Electrical Engineering MS
Jin, Luyang Electrical Engineering MS
Johnson, Tiffany E. Architecture BAR
Johnson-Maljar, Charlie R. International Business BS
Jordan, Ian D. Electrical Engineering BS
Joseph Marattukalam, Anand Computer Science MS
Joseph, Obed Mechanical Engineering BS
Joshi, Kshitija Architecture BAR
Kalayilparampil, Saumia M. Biomedical Engineering BS
Kalyana Sundaram, Niranjana Electrical Engineering MS
Kamad, Mukesh K. Chemical Engineering MS
Kanakamedala, Vivek V. Engineering Management MS
Kandarpa, Purna Krishna Viswajit Engineering Management MS
Kandil, Hagar Interior Design BA
Kang, Jim IT Administration & Security MS
Kannamkuzhiyil, Jane D. Information Systems MS
Kannamkuzhiyil, Markose Information Technology BS
Kannan, Yogesh Electrical Engineering MS
Kannekanti, Vipin Computer Science BA
Kapadia, Nishant T. Business Administration MBA
Karthikeyan, Varun Computer Engineering MS
Karuppayammal Chinnasamy, Abishek Computer Science MS
Kasuganti, Saisiddhartha Computer Science MS
Katabattuni, Rasmi Pavani Computer Science MS
Kavanaugh, Erin Mechanical Engineering BS
Kaznica, Alexis Computer Engineering BS
Kebede, Kebede B. Mechanical Engineering BS
Keebaugh, Julia M. Biology BS
Keers-Flood, Garrett M. Civil Engineering BS
Kekelia, Roland Mechanical Engineering MS
Kelly Jr, Michael K. Construction Engineering Tech BET
Kelson, Andrew W. Computer Science BA
Kerr, Edward G. General Studies BGS
Ketha, Rashmi B. Biology BA
Khalla, Fady G. Biomedical Engineering MS
Khan, Mohammad Ashrafuzzaman Computer Science PHD
Khan, Zanab W. Business BS
Khan, Zareen O. Computer Science MS
Khare, Pranav U. Transportation MS
Khayati, Khoosheh Biology PHD
Khullar, Tanya Computer Science MS
Kim, Min Information Technology BS
Kim, Suhwan Mechanical Engineering BS
Kim, Wonsik Electrical Engineering MS
King, Deigo R. Mechanical Engineering Tech BET
Kirkland, Donovan J. Architecture BAR
Kirushchanka, Viktoryia Interior Design BA
Klimas, Daniel E. Electrical Engineering BS
Kline, Taylor R. Interior Design BA
Knauer, Joseph IT Administration & Security MS
Kocevska, Stefani Chemical Engineering BS
Koch, Lucas C. Architecture BAR
Kolla, Harshavardhan Information Systems MS
Konduru, Sai Charan Business Administration MBA
Kong, Fanrong Electrical Engineering MS
Konopko, Robert J. Electrical & Computer Eng Tech BET
Kote, Kelvin A. Biology BA
Kothari, Dhruv S. Materials Science & Engr MS
Kothari, Saumil K. Chemical Engineering MS
Kou, Tianyu Electrical Engineering MS
Kouassi, Axel Geoffroy Kouassi Electrical & Computer Eng Tech BET
Kozlowski, Kristopher A. Civil Engineering BS
Kramer, Cody T. Biology BA
Kreiss, Douglas A. Computer Science BS
Krishna, Dhruvitha Biomedical Engineering MS
Krishnan Nair Premalatha, Ananth Computer Engineering MS
Krishnaswamy, Varshini Electrical Engineering MS
Kukreja, Pious Computing & Business BS
Kulkarni, Indraneel Computer Science MS
Kumar, Sanjana Information Systems MS
Kuppili, Dheerajh Industrial Engineering MS
Kurian, Deepa S. Biomedical Engineering BS
Kuruc, Stanislaw Mechanical Engineering BS
Kutcherlapati, Charitardha Varma Computer Engineering MS
Kuttanthadathil Sukumaran, Vivek Business & Information Systems MS
Kwaak, Timothy Mechanical Engineering Tech BET
Kwok, Alex Information Technology BS
Laban, Patrick C. Mechanical Engineering MS
Ladignon, Garrett Daniel M. Biology BA
Laforteza, Kevin Civil Engineering BS
Lafranco, Alexander G. Architecture BAR
Lage, Kevin P. Architecture BS
Lakhani, Gaurang Rameshbhai Electrical Engineering MS
Lakhani, Nirav Bharat Business Administration MBA
Lam, Sabrina Web & Information Systems BS
Lanza, Marco Computer Science MS
Lara, Sandra Biology BA
Latabi, Abdelilah M. Electrical & Computer Eng Tech BET
Laurencelle, Leighann E. Interior Design BA
Lawrence, David M. Architecture MS
Lawrence, Levitta S. Architecture BAR
Lee, Ethan M. Information Technology BS
Lee, Jane K. Cyber Security & Privacy MS
Leong, Eddy Business Administration MBA
Leung, Candice Civil Engineering BS
Leung, Russell M. Computer Engineering BS
Levano, Kevin B. Biomedical Engineering BS
Lezama, Mathew T. Information Technology BS
Li, Bingcheng Business BS
Li, Chih-yuan Computer Science MS
Li, Hansheng Business & Information Systems MS
Li, Juo Yu Applied Statistics MS
Li, Xiang Applied Mathematics MS
Li, Yingjie Computer Science MS
Li, Yizhu Electrical Engineering MS
Liatys, Brandon W. Electrical & Computer Eng Tech BET
Lim, Aili Information Technology BS
Lin, Yichen Electrical Engineering MS
Lin, Yu-Chun Management MS
Lindo, Kemario A. General Studies BGS
Ling, Zhipeng Materials Science & Engr MS
Lipson, Adam K. Architecture BS
Liu, Haoyue Computer Engineering MS
Liu, Qingfeng Computer Science PHD
Liu, Te Mathematical & Comp Finance MS
Liu, Xiaohua D. Mathematical & Comp Finance MS
Liu, Zijian Electrical Engineering MS
Lizzo, Paul S. Information Technology BS
Loachamin, Alberto B. Electrical & Computer Eng Tech BET
Lobay, Thomas A. Applied Physics MS
Lobete, Kevin Z. Mechanical Engineering Tech BET
Lombana, Hugo F. Industrial Engineering BS
Lopes, Amit F. Computer Science MS
Lopez, Jorge Luis Mechanical Engineering Tech BET
Lopez, Matthew Computer Engineering BS
Lopez-Tapia, Damaris J. Biomedical Engineering BS
Lordi, Anthony P. Chemical Engineering BS
Lorenzo, Alexander A. Information Technology BS
Loterena, Joshua Civil Engineering BS
Louis, Jean Electrical Engineering BS
Louro, Michael A. Computer Engineering BS
Lozada, Chrysie Interior Design BA
Lu, Wenhan Management MS
Lugar, Michael G. Industrial Engineering BS
Luna Canella, Marco Industrial Engineering BS
Luo, Haozhong Electrical Engineering MS
Ly, Thanh K. Engineering Management MS
Macachor, Myton Biomedical Engineering BS
Maciszewski, Daniel Construction Engineering Tech BET
Macmillan, Rex R. Computer Science BS
Madaan, Dipul Business BS
Madaan, Tushar Sudeshkumar Civil Engineering MS
Madan, Pratik M. Electrical Engineering MS
Magar, Ved Ajit Information Systems MS
Mahadeo, Luke A. Information Technology BS
Mahadevaiah, Shiva Swamy Business Administration MBA
Mahajan, Tanushree S. Software Engineering MS
Maher, Jacob Information Technology BS
Majcher, Christopher Chemical Engineering MS
Makowski, Daniel Mechanical Engineering BS
Malinowski, Matthew Electrical Engineering BS
Mallampalli, Likitha Telecommunications MS
Maltz, Matthew Concrete Industry Management BET
Maltz, Matthew Architecture BS
Manangatti Dharman Lekha, Kumaran Computer Science MS
Mancenido, Briana Biology BA
Mangal, Ekta Computer Science MS
Mangaoang, Justin T. Computer Science BS
Manheimer, Aryeh Civil Engineering BS
Manjeri, Shravan Srinivasan Electrical Engineering MS
Mankad, Nisarg M. Computer Science MS
Mankar, Rohit Sunil Electrical Engineering MS
Mankarious, Paul G. Information Technology BS
Mann, Virinder K. Biology BA
Mao, Xingyu Electrical Engineering MS
Maravilla, Matthew D. Information Technology BS
Marfo, Jessica N. Materials Science & Engr MS
Margam, Vignatha Biology BA
Marineni, Vijay Daniel Mechanical Engineering MS
Marlecha, Vipul Bharat Computer Science MS
Marques-Frigatti, Vinicius Computer Science BS
Martin Sundarraj, Mary Majhela Computer Science MS
Martin, Tyler J. Chemical Engineering BS
Martinez, Adrian Computer Science BS
Marza-Mendez, Carla A. Architecture BAR
Marzouk, Samar Architecture BAR
Mathai Thomas, Naveen Industrial Engineering MS
Mathew, Nevin C. Chemistry BS
Mathur, Niharika Computer Science MS
Matute, Michelle Mechanical Engineering BS
Maxwell, Nicoia G. Biochemistry BS
Mazur, Adam H. Electrical & Computer Eng Tech BET
McCabe, Kayleigh F. Architecture BAR
McCarty, James J. Information Technology BS
McGeever, Stephen Biomedical Engineering BS
McLaughlin, Dennis P. Mechanical Engineering Tech BET
McWeeney, Jack R. Computer Engineering BS
Meghal, Mohit S. Electrical Engineering MS
Mehta, Aditi A. Computer Science MS
Mehta, Bhargav D. Computer Science MS
Mehta, Soham Architecture BAR
Mehta, Vini J. Electrical & Computer Eng Tech BET
Mei, Xin Electrical Engineering MS
Melendez, Diana Architecture BAR
Melkonyan, Satenik Biology BA
Mendez, Kelvin Digital Design BA
Mendyuk, Martyn A. Industrial Engineering BS
Messina, Brittany P. Architecture BAR
Metelski, Steven L. Surveying Engineering Tech BET
Mierzwa, Annette Chemical Engineering BS
Mijares, Nicholas Civil Engineering MS
Miller, Kieran E. Computer Science MS
Miller, Matthew R. Information Technology BS
Miller, Shanise R. Human Computer Interaction BS
Mirji, Ashish M. Information Technology BS
Mishra, Rohit Arvind Computer Science MS
Mistry, Nirali U. Computer Science MS
Modi, Prasen R. Biology BS
Modile, Ayorinde A IT Administration & Security MS
Mohammed, Omair Biology BA
Mohammed, Sumayya Biology BA
Mohan Kumar, Akshay Information Systems MS
Mohrenweiser, Josef Z. Mathematical Sciences BS
Molina, Manuel A. Mechanical Engineering BS
Monaco, Anthony L. Mechanical Engineering MS
Monroe, Glenn L. Mechanical Engineering BS
Montanez, Nicholas A. Chemical Engineering BS
Montoya, Christian A. Business BS
Morales, Andrew History BA
Moreno, Jacqueline Chemical Engineering BS
Morillo, Carlos A. Biology BS
Morillo, Joshua Electrical & Computer Eng Tech BET
Morrobel, Christopher Business & Information Systems BS
Moschovas, Michael Cyber Security & Privacy MS
Mudigonda, Mahathi Biology BA
Mugundhan, Prashanth Electrical Engineering MS
Muheisen, Tamir Mechanical Engineering Tech BET
Muir, Brandon C. Architecture BAR
Mukherjee, Aditi Information Systems MS
Mulvany, Walter O. Civil Engineering MS
Mummert, Joseph D. Business Administration MBA
Mundo, Ralph D. Electrical & Computer Eng Tech BET
Munoz, Mary A. Engineering Management MS
Muralidhar, Darshan Civil Engineering MS
Murgueytio, Jorge Mechanical Engineering BS
Murray, Victoria L. Chemical Engineering BS
Musini, Venkatapradeep Computer Science MS
Mustafiz, Shakil Computer Technology BET
Muthappan, Sunder Balajee Civil Engineering MS
Nabizadeh, Arya A. Applied Physics MS
Nadaf, Asma Power and Energy Systems MS
Nadeem, Sumbul Chemical Engineering BS
Nadipalli, Sravan Kumar Pharmaceutical Engineering MS
Nagaraja, Preethi Industrial Engineering MS
Naik, Akshay Suhas Electrical Engineering MS
Naik, Shraddha S. Computer Science MS
Nakrani, Mohit Computer Science BS
Nandishwar, Nimesh Information Systems MS
Nanwani, Lucky S. Information Systems MS
Narasiman Kumar, Vignesh Computer Science MS
Narendhran, Swetha Computer Science MS
Nashed, Andrew S. Biomedical Engineering MS
Nassim, Sina Biology BA
Nassiri, Abdelwahed Civil Engineering BS
Natalewicz, Matthew S. Mechanical Engineering Tech BET
Natanzon, Michael Architecture MAR
Natoli, Samuel P. Mechanical Engineering Tech BET
Navaneethan, Keerthi S. Computer Science MS
Naveed, Kinza B. Information Technology BS
Nawaz, Mohammad A. Biology BA
Nawaz, Umair Computer Science BS
Nayak, Ratnadeep S. Computer Science MS
Nazario, Richard General Studies BGS
Nelson, Cootchill Information Technology BS
Nelson, Jonathan W. Civil Engineering BS
Nessim, Mark J. Business BS
Ng, Amy E. Biology BA
Nicolas, Antoine C. Civil Engineering BS
Nigli, Raveena S. Biology BA
Nikhil Thomas John, Fnu Information Systems MS
Nirale, Rakesh R. Computer Science MS
Nita, Alexandra Industrial Design BS
Nizami, Quddus A. Chemical Engineering MS
Nociti, William A. Cyber Security & Privacy MS
Noll, Lukas J. Business & Information Systems BS
Noor Khalandar, Marur Industrial Engineering MS
Noronha, Craig O. Information Systems MS
Nucci, Nicholas A. Architecture BAR
Nunez, Francisco J. Computer Engineering BS
Nunez, Gaudi Architecture BAR
Nyman, Erik E. Chemical Engineering BS
Obajinmi, Owolabi J. IT Administration & Security MS
Oberoi, Harshit Computer Science MS
Obi, Ifediora C. Chemical Engineering BS
O'Brien, Kenneth J. Chemical Engineering BS
Ochoa, Oswaldo M. Construction Engineering Tech BET
O'Connor, David A. Mechanical Engineering Tech BET
O'Donnell, Sean P. Computer Science MS
O'Dowd, Brian T. Architecture BAR
Ogbin, Alexis M. Business BS
O'Grady, Kevin J. Construction Engineering Tech BET
O'Keeffe, Kevin J. Civil Engineering MS
Oldham, Rickardo Law, Technology, & Culture BA
Olivera, Juan L. Civil Engineering BS
Olowu, Luqman O. Computer Science MS
Onal, Sevilay Industrial Engineering PHD
Onashile, Obagbemileke O. Civil Engineering BS
Ongsuco, Al G. Mechanical Engineering MS
Onosovski, Roman Computer Engineering BS
Orderique, Rodrigo A. Electrical Engineering BS
Orozco, Heber J. Electrical & Computer Eng Tech BET
Orrico, Patrick J. Computer Technology BET
Oruganti, Suharshith Telecommunications MS
Osborne, Benjamin Computer Science BS
Osorio-Sanders, Andres E. Civil Engineering BS
Ouse, Karim Architecture BS
Owens, Kevin S. Information Technology BS
Owuor, Crispin O. Computer Science BA
Oyediran, Ajibola O. Power and Energy Systems MS
Ozludil Altin, Burcak Urban Systems PHD
Pacifico, Stefanie R. Civil Engineering BS
Padala, Niharika Biology BA
Padh, Maulik K. Materials Science & Engr MS
Padilla, Elvin D. Digital Design BA
Padmanabhan, Nandakumara Raja Computer Science MS
Padwekar, Ganesh Sanjay Computer Science MS
Pala, Trivikrama B. Mechanical Engineering PHD
Palaima, Jonathan A. Mechanical Engineering Tech BET
Palaspagar, Saurabh Computer Science MS
Palmieri, John L. Biomedical Engineering BS
Palomino, Gustavo E. Computer Science BS
Pan, Jianqing Computer Technology BET
Panchal, Sagar A. Computer Technology BET
Panchal, Tejaskumar M. Computer Science MS
Panciello, Trevor Concrete Industry Management BET
Pandharpatte, Kiran C. Computer Science MS
Pandya, Hem Tarunbhai Electrical Engineering MS
Panjwani, Reema B. Information Systems MS
Parada, Michael Management MS
Parikh, Abhijeet J. Architecture BAR
Parikh, Paurav R. Mechanical Engineering BS
Park, Alexander K. Information Technology BS
Parmar, Prabhjot Computer Science MS
Parra, Andres A. Concrete Industry Management BS
Parra, Jonathan E. Mechanical Engineering BS
Pasion, Renato J. Biomedical Engineering BS
Passafiume, Matt Mechanical Engineering Tech BET
Patankar, Yash Prakash Chemical Engineering MS
Patel, Aakashkumar V. Computer Science MS
Patel, Aatmiya K. Business BS
Patel, Aditya Jayesh Business Administration MBA
Patel, Anish J. Computer Engineering BS
Patel, Ankur Civil Engineering BS
Patel, Avni M. Biomedical Engineering BS
Patel, Bhargavkumar Prafulbhai Computer Science MS
Patel, Bhaumik K. Computer Science MS
Patel, Chandni S. Computer Science MS
Patel, Charmi Biomedical Engineering BS
Patel, Chirag Electrical & Computer Eng Tech BET
Patel, Deep B. Electrical & Computer Eng Tech BET
Patel, Dhruv S. Mechanical Engineering BS
Patel, Dhruv Y. Computer Science BS
Patel, Dhruva T. Computer Science MS
Patel, Dhruvi Hiteshkumar Computer Engineering MS
Patel, Dhruvik M. Civil Engineering BS
Patel, Harikrishna Business BS
Patel, Jaimin H. Manufacturing Systems Engr MS
Patel, Jatan Information Technology BS
Patel, Jay Computer Science MS
Patel, Jollyben Harshadbhai Computer Science MS
Patel, Ket Information Technology BS
Patel, Khyati Chemical Engineering BS
Patel, Krupali J. Computer Science MS
Patel, Krutarthkumar Harikrishnabhai Computer Science MS
Patel, Mahesh Kanji Information Systems MS
Patel, Maulik K. General Studies BGS
Patel, Meghna Information Technology BS
Patel, Minesh P. Computer Science MS
Patel, Mitul Chemical Engineering MS
Patel, Monika D. Pharmaceutical Chemistry MS
Patel, Neel R. Industrial Engineering BS
Patel, Neil R. Computer Science MS
Patel, Nirali A. Civil Engineering MS
Patel, Paresh Mechanical Engineering BS
Patel, Parth S. Industrial Engineering BS
Patel, Poonamben Chemical Engineering BS
Patel, Prathma S. Information Technology BS
Patel, Prinda M. Biology BS
Patel, Prit Information Technology BS
Patel, Raj B. Electrical & Computer Eng Tech BET
Patel, Raj J. Information Technology BS
Patel, Ria Navneet Environmental Engineering MS
Patel, Rinalben Bioinformatics MS
Patel, Rushang Pankajkumar Information Systems MS
Patel, Rushi P. Information Technology BS
Patel, Rushikumar G. Business Administration MBA
Patel, Sharad J. Electrical Engineering MS
Patel, Shivani H. Business BS
Patel, Shreya Himanshu Computer Engineering MS
Patel, Sona A. Information Systems MS
Patel, Urvish Kamleshkumar Computer Science MS
Patel, Vandan A. Medical Informatics Tech BET
Patel, Vrajesh N. Computer Science BS
Pathirage, Lahiru H. Civil Engineering BS
Patil, Akash S. Computer Science MS
Patil, Akshay S. Computer Science MS
Patil, Ameya M. Information Systems MS
Patil, Chinmay K. Computer Science MS
Patil, Gayatri L. Electrical Engineering MS
Patil, Priyanka A. Information Systems MS
Patil, Rahul Madhukar Information Systems MS
Patil, Shatakshi S. Industrial Engineering MS
Patil, Siddharth Electrical & Computer Eng Tech BET
Patlikadan, Mithun Mukundan Manufacturing Systems Engr MS
Patolia, Ankit Ramnik Engineering Management MS
Patra, Rupali Information Systems MS
Patrick, Mark E. Business Administration MBA
Pattur Mohankumar, Vijay Prasath Computer Science MS
Pattuthurai Rajendran, Arvind Computer Science MS
Payson, Stephen IT Administration & Security MS
Pedo, Joseph R. Computer Engineering BS
Pellew, Jarel C. Computer Science BS
Pelligra, John S. Business BS
Pena, Ismael Computer Science BS
Pennock, Andrew P. Mechanical Engineering BS
Pepaj, Klodian Civil Engineering MS
Peralta, Stephanie M. Interior Design BA
Peralta, William E. Architecture BAR
Peran, Anil Civil Engineering MS
Perez Jimenez, Jhonaty A. Civil Engineering BS
Perez, Gustavo R. Electrical Engineering BS
Perez, Kelvis R. Civil Engineering BS
Perito, Stefano Electrical Engineering BS
Perveiz, Mustafa Computer Technology BET
Peters, Marisol Information Systems MS
Peters, Richard Civil Engineering BS
Pezzano, Trentino Business BS
Phaichokchai, Thaya Chemical Engineering BS
Picillo, Michael IT Administration & Security MS
Picinich, Daniel T. Computer Engineering BS
Pierre, Edwin J. Computer Technology BET
Pierre-Louis, Jean W. Mechanical Engineering BS
Pikowski, Michael T. Architecture BAR
Pimentel Mojica, Oranis E. Civil Engineering BS
Piracha, Mehwish M. Computer Technology BET
Piszczek, Daniel R. Information Technology BS
Pizzi, John Anthony Civil Engineering BS
Poandl, Michael M. Electrical Engineering BS
Pokkath, Davis Johnson Management MS
Polak, Katherine M. Business Administration MBA
Polanco Morales, Juan F. Computer Engineering BS
Pollio, Michael E. Chemical Engineering BS
Poltorak, Natalia P. Biology BS
Ponganthara, Sandra S. Information Systems MS
Ponnam, Navaneeth Sai Business & Information Systems MS
Pothireddy, Abhinai Mechanical Engineering BS
Powell, Evan D. Mechanical Engineering BS
Prem Kumar, Navin Kumaar Computer Engineering MS
Prentice, Benjamin J. Power and Energy Systems MS
Proske, James J. Chemical Engineering BS
Pruscino, Alessandro Mechanical Engineering BS
Puchalski, Aldona P. Biology BS
Puckett, Joseph A. Information Technology BS
Pujari, Aditya P. Computer Science MS
Pullockaran, Elizabeth Biology BA
Punj, Shubhangi Electrical Engineering MS
Puzio, Agnes Architecture BAR
Puzio, Patrycja Biology BS
Qi, Yi Computer Science MS
Qian, Kai Materials Science & Engr MS
Qian, Kun Electrical Engineering MS
Qorri, Elio Civil Engineering BS
Quezada, Jose IT Administration & Security MS
Quigley-Shann, Sean M. Mechanical Engineering Tech BET
Quijada, Salvador A. Mathematical Sciences BS
Qureshi, Danial A. Mathematical Sciences BS
Radil, John E. Industrial Design BS
Raghunathan, Sruthi Computer Science MS
Ragunath, Smruti Environmental Science PHD
Rahman, Aminur Mathematical Sciences PHD
Rahman, Nadeem Mechanical Engineering BS
Rahman, Shafiur Computer Technology BET
Rai, Simrann Biology BA
Rajamanickam, Karthik Computer Engineering MS
Rajaraman, Sabarish Niranjan Information Systems MS
Rajesh, Suraj Biology BA
Raju, Anudeep R. Telecommunications MS
Raju, Madhusudhanan Computer Science MS
Ramani, Karan Information Technology BS
Ramasamy Krishnasamy, Manoj Kumar Computer Science MS
Ramcharan, Jimmy A. Construction Engineering Tech BET
Ramirez, Braulio Mechanical Engineering BS
Ramirez, Lennard Electrical & Computer Eng Tech BET
Ramzy, Mina Mechanical Engineering BS
Rana, Akshay R. Biology BA
Rana, Chirag H. Information Technology BS
Rana, Dhara J. Biomedical Engineering BS
Rana, Dharmesh P. Engineering Science MS
Rana, Hardik S. Computer Technology BET
Rana, Hemish R. Electrical & Computer Eng Tech BET
Rana, Hiren B. Biomedical Engineering BS
Rana, Sunny M. Civil Engineering BS
Ranashing, Shivanjali V. Computer Science MS
Ranasinghe, Aswina K. Civil Engineering BS
Randolph, Whitney R. Biomedical Engineering BS
Rane, Nihar V. Telecommunications MS
Rane, Pooja S. Telecommunications MS
Ranganathan, Dipthi Biology BA
Rao, Umar S. Computer Engineering BS
Rasheed, Omar Architecture BS
Rathod, Jenny Vikramkumar Architecture MS
Raut, Siddesh P. Computer Engineering MS
Raval, Ankur Information Technology BS
Ravaliya, Jay H. Computer Science MS
Ravensbergen, Carl Digital Design BA
Ravikumar, Praveen Krishnamoorthy Computer Science MS
Ravindran, Ranjitha Electrical Engineering MS
Ravishankarbabu, Sharath K. Electrical Engineering MS
Rawah, Basil S. Chemical Engineering MS
Rawal, Abhi Mechanical Engineering BS
Rawal, Aditya Electrical Engineering BS
Ray, Amit Business Administration MBA
Raza, Syed A. Biology BA
Reardon, Thomas M. Chemical Engineering BS
Redkar, Tejas N. Information Systems MS
Reed, Eric Civil Engineering MS
Reed, Shawn Civil Engineering MS
Regad, Daniel M. Architecture BS
Regad, Daniel M. Concrete Industry Management BET
Reinhardt, Kyle E. Mechanical Engineering BS
Reinoso, Alexander Business Administration MBA
Remo, Jake Chemical Engineering BS
Repe, Punita Dilip Computer Science MS
Reyes, David Joshua M. Computer Science BS
Reyes, Rebieann I. Civil Engineering BS
Ribansky, Semion Civil Engineering MS
Riegel, Daniel G. Architecture BAR
Riegler, Matthew H. Business BS
Rios, Lina M. Biology BA
Rivas, Johnny Information Technology BS
Rivera, Peter A. Architecture BS
Riyazulla Sheriff, Affanulla Sheriff Information Systems MS
Robbe, Luke E. Engineering Management MS
Roberts, Daniel W. Engineering Management MS
Roberts, Julia Chemical Engineering BS
Robinson, Branden D. Information Technology BS
Robinson, Nathan L. Mechanical Engineering BS
Robles, Patricio M. Electrical & Computer Eng Tech BET
Rochette, Jennifer M. Biomedical Engineering BS
Rodrigues, Alessandra C. Biology BS
Rodrigues, Willfred J. Computer Science MS
Rodriguez, Jimmy N. Engineering Management MS
Rodriguez, Rachel Business BS
Ronan, Robert Mathematical Sciences BS
Rosenfeld, Bleema Computer Engineering BS
Royal, Julian D. Mechanical Engineering BS
Ruchi, Ruchi Computer Science MS
Ruggles, Brandon T. Computer Science BS
Rupnarain, Michael Electrical Engineering BS
Ruys, William L. Mathematical Sciences BS
Ryali, Satya S. Bioinformatics MS
Rydzik, Mateusz Biomedical Engineering BS
Rys, Jacob Civil Engineering BS
Saad, Kyrollos G. Biomedical Engineering BS
Sadri Wala, Fehzan Software Engineering MS
Sahita, Sheetal Ramesh Information Systems MS
Sahota, Harvinder Business BS
Saj Kolathu Samuel, Fnu Computer Science MS
Salazar-Palma, Jefferson Architecture BAR
Saleem, Qurra-Tul-Ayn Management MS
Salinas, Daniel R. Civil Engineering MS
Salinas, Kevin J. Business BS
Samaan, Mira N. Chemical Engineering BS
Sanango, Hayzle A. Civil Engineering BS
Sanchez, Adam Mechanical Engineering BS
Sanchez, Andrew J. Architecture BAR
Sanchez-Abreu, Christina Interior Design BA
Sankaran, Shabarish Industrial Engineering MS
Sankhla, Dushyant Computer Science MS
Santana Medrano, Felix A. Mechanical Engineering Tech BET
Santana, Carlos E. Civil Engineering MS
Santos, Camille J. Civil Engineering BS
Santos, Daylin Business BS
Santos, Rodolfo Lawrence S. Computer Engineering BS
Saraf, Akash Power and Energy Systems MS
Saravanan, Vignesh Electrical Engineering MS
Sardey, Yasha Pramod Computer Science MS
Sarfati, Shahar Computer Engineering BS
Sarma, Namrata Information Systems MS
Savalgi, Sneha P. Information Systems MS
Saxena, Prarabdh Mechanical Engineering MS
Scalgione, Matthew T. Mathematical Sciences BS
Schack, James Surveying Engineering Tech BET
Schules, Dana R. Biology BA
Schultz, Karl Markus Mathematical Sciences BS
Schuppel, April Y. Applied Statistics MS
Seby, Leslie Biology BA
Seff, Johannes E. Mechanical Engineering BS
Seffrin, Richard J. Mechanical Engineering BS
Sekulovski, Petar Mechanical Engineering Tech BET
Selsky, Michael P. Computer Science BS
Serrano Sanchez, Katherine E. Mechanical Engineering BS
Sese, Justin R. Electrical Engineering BS
Sethi, Manvi Information Technology BS
Severe, Suzen Business Administration MBA
Sevilla, Jason A. Information Technology BS
Sezer, Ben Mechanical Engineering MS
Shah, Adarsh J. Materials Science & Engr MS
Shah, Aesha Y. Biochemistry BS
Shah, Chaitanya J. Mechanical Engineering BS
Shah, Fiyansh Dinesh Information Systems MS
Shah, Jay Information Systems MS
Shah, Jay Computer Science MS
Shah, Jeet M. Information Technology BS
Shah, Karan Mechanical Engineering BS
Shah, Krunalkumar Baldevbhai Biomedical Engineering MS
Shah, Manthan Ashish Computer Science MS
Shah, Nahin F. Industrial Design BS
Shah, Nikhil M. Mechanical Engineering BS
Shah, Rutvi P. Pharmaceutical Chemistry MS
Shah, Siddharth Dharmesh Computer Science MS
Shah, Snehee Management MS
Shah, Vatsal Mechanical Engineering BS
Shah, Vihan Engineering Management MS
Shahani, Jitesh Engineering Management MS
Shakya, Suvechhya Biomedical Engineering MS
Shamrakov, Rodion Mechanical Engineering BS
Shamsi, Syed A. Electrical Engineering BS
Shao, Pai Electrical Engineering MS
Shapiro, Michael Architecture MAR
Sharma, Aditya Electrical Engineering MS
Sharma, Armaan Electrical Engineering MS
Sharma, Manav Business & Information Systems MS
Sharma, Ragini Environmental Science MS
Sharma, Sagar Engineering Management MS
Sharma, Shubham Computer Engineering BS
Shea, Ryan E. Mechanical Engineering Tech BET
Sheikh, Harris A. Electrical Engineering BS
Shen, Bruce Electrical Engineering MS
Sheng, Silu Chemistry PHD
Shi, Yuxi Electrical Engineering MS
Shifnadel, Elijah Biomedical Engineering BS
Shriram, Nitin Satyanarayan Mechanical Engineering MS
Shuhnicki, Tyler M. Computer Science BS
Shukla, Akash Rajan Computer Science MS
Shyti, Andrea Electrical Engineering BS
Sidhu, Rajveer Singh Computer Science MS
Signora, Nicholas T. Computer Technology BET
Silva, Jessica Architecture BAR
Simone, Jamee E. Biomedical Engineering BS
Singh, Jatinderpal Computer Engineering BS
Singh, Khemraj Biomedical Engineering MS
Singh, Micky J. Information Technology BS
Singh, Rishabh Raj Engineering Management MS
Singh, Sarjinder P. Mechanical Engineering Tech BET
Singh, Sidharth Computer Engineering MS
Singla, Sandeep Applied Statistics MS
Sinha, Greenee Anilkumar Materials Science & Engr MS
Sinha, Shreshth Computer Science MS
Sirasitthichoke, Chadakarn Biopharmaceutical Engineering MS
Sirvisetty, Deepthi Biomedical Engineering MS
Sisbarro, Kristin Biomedical Engineering BS
Sivasubramanian, Gowtham Computer Engineering MS
Siwczak, Christopher Civil Engineering BS
Skwiat, Joseph C. Electrical & Computer Eng Tech BET
Slomko, Adam M. Bioinformatics MS
Smith III, Arthur T. Chemical Engineering BS
Smith, Matthew R. Surveying Engineering Tech BET
Sodumu, Nishank Reddy Manufacturing Systems Engr MS
Solaimalai, Nanda Kishoor Electrical Engineering MS
Sonawane, Rohit Vishwanath Computer Science MS
Sosa, Angeline S. Business BS
Soto, Nathaniel Digital Design BA
Sousa, John E. Information Technology BS
Soyinka, Akinleye J. Mechanical Engineering Tech BET
Spata, Faton Mechanical Engineering BS
Sproul, Joseph H. Civil Engineering MS
Srinivasan, Srikar Electrical Engineering MS
Srivastav, Ishani Business & Information Systems MS
Stangler, John H. Chemistry BS
Stanley, Stephie Biology BA
Stavrou, Chris Chemical Engineering BS
Stewart, Marie A. Biology BA
Stijovic, Jelena Industrial Engineering BS
Stijovic, Jovana Industrial Engineering BS
Stoyko, Aleksandr Mechanical Engineering BS
Su, Yifeng Electrical Engineering MS
Suarez, Alejandro Chemical Engineering BS
Subramanian, Kowshik Electrical Engineering MS
Suchodolski, Tim P. Information Technology BS
Sudhindra, Suhas Electrical Engineering MS
Sugumar, Teresa Jennifer Biomedical Engineering MS
Sujan, Shobhit Power and Energy Systems MS
Sukhwani, Girish Dharamveer Computer Science MS
Sullivan, Timothy F. Applied Physics BS
Supawala, Dakshita V. Interior Design BA
Suqui, Kevin P. Architecture BAR
Surana, Mohit Information Systems MS
Suresh Kumar, Abishek Computer Engineering MS
Suresh, Ramesh Industrial Engineering MS
Surti, Jimy N. Biology BS
Suthar, Saloni Deepak Environmental Engineering MS
Swaminathan, Krithivas Computer Science MS
Sweeney, Kristen M. Interior Design BA
Syal, Neha Biomedical Engineering BS
Syed, Ali Z. Mechanical Engineering BS
Szot, Justyna Architecture BAR
Szwed, Michael K. Computer Science BS
Tabe, Rita A. Healthcare Systems Management MS
Tacbianan, Jan Chris A. Computer Science BS
Takahashi, Tadanaga Mathematical Sciences BS
Talbert, Richard P. Environmental Science MS
Talla, Christian Information Technology BS
Tamimi, Safa R. Chemical Engineering MS
Tanis, Jacqueline D. Biomedical Engineering BS
Tanyous, Pola Biomedical Engineering MS
Tao, Junru Mechanical Engineering MS
Taranto, Angelo N. Mathematical Sciences BS
Tariq-Shuaib, Maryam K. Biophysics BS
Tayade, Saurabh Niranjan Computer Science MS
Tchantchou, Ghislain S. Chemical Engineering MS
Teferi, Mekonen A. Power and Energy Systems MS
Tekeoglu, Hulya Chemistry MS
Tendolkar, Kalpa A. Business & Information Systems BS
Teves, Kenzo Information Technology BS
Thakkar, Jay Bharat Computer Science MS
Theresa, Michael V. Architecture BAR
Thomas, Daniel Computer Science BS
Thomas, Jeffrey V. Infrastructure Planning MS
Thomas, Kenya M. Biomedical Engineering MS
Thomson, Annette Felicia Mridula Business Administration MBA
Thota, Shruthi Computer Science MS
Thotapalli, Anish Engineering Management MS
Thumar, Ajay D. Civil Engineering MS
Tidke, Saurabh D. Electrical Engineering MS
Tieleman, Erik R. Information Technology BS
Tighe, Stephen C. Law, Technology, & Culture BA
Todosov, Angel Business Administration MBA
Toegel, Joseph M. Mechanical Engineering BS
Topiwala, Neal H. Construction Management Tech BET
Torres Rivera, Luis E. Engineering Management MS
Torres, Damaris R. Civil Engineering MS
Toth, Kevin J. Mechanical Engineering BS
Touma, Karim Architecture BAR
Toy, Atilla Law, Technology, & Culture BA
Tran, Stephanie Architecture BAR
Tranvo, Jaga Computer Science BS
Traxinger, Alex P. Computer Science MS
Triano, Joseph R. Mechanical Engineering Tech BET
Trivedi, Ravi D. Business Administration MBA
Trivedi, Vaidehi Bharat Electrical Engineering MS
Trivedi, Vivek Biomedical Engineering BS
Trujillo, Ian M. Engineering Management MS
Tubilleja, Yllano P. Business BS
Turki, Turki Talal Computer Science PHD
Tyerman, Evan L. Biomedical Engineering BS
Ubale, Sanchi Sandeep Information Systems MS
Ubhi, Indraj K. Biomedical Engineering MS
Uddin, Mifta Engineering Management MS
Udeshi, Sagar S. Computer Science MS
Ueshiro, Ansel Biomedical Engineering BS
Ugarte, Rogers B. Architecture BAR
Ujjwal, Praveen Kumar Software Engineering MS
Ukkalam, Divya Telecommunications MS
Ulinski, Mark J. Civil Engineering BS
Umarkayam Shakilabanu, Arif Mukhthar Computer Science MS
Upadhyay, Shrey Hitendraprasad IT Administration & Security MS
Upshaw, Shequera N. Management MS
Urrego, Rafael A. Engineering Management MS
Urso, Dante F. Information Technology BS
Uttendorfer, Jesse D. Business BS
Vadasserril, Bijin J. Biomedical Engineering BS
Vadlaputi, Ajay Satwik Industrial Engineering MS
Vaishnav, Jaydeep Bhupendra Computer Science MS
Valdez, Matthew J. Information Technology BS
Valembrun, Arlynn M. Business BS
Valencia, Maira A. Biochemistry BS
Valenzuela, Leonard A. Mechanical Engineering Tech BET
Valerio, Bryan Mathematical Sciences BS
Valladares, Alex Mechanical Engineering BS
Vallapu, Nishanth Reddy Engineering Management MS
Van Kirk, Kyle S. Computer Science BS
Van Saders, Kyle Business & Information Systems MS
Vangara, Vipin Business & Information Systems MS
Vanjani, Neha Information Systems MS
Varadharaj, Srinivasan Industrial Engineering MS
Vashisht, Megha Computer Science MS
Vasquez, Christopher F. Biomedical Engineering MS
Vattikonda, Kiriti S. Healthcare Systems Management MS
Vazquez, Michelle G. Chemical Engineering BS
Vecchio, Vincent F. Mechanical Engineering BS
Vega, Jorge L. Mechanical Engineering Tech BET
Vega, Lesvia Architecture BAR
Vekaria, Jay Chemical Engineering BS
Vemuganti, Aditya Engineering Management MS
Venkata Raghavan, Guru Prasad Computer Science MS
Venugopal, Sanath Electrical Engineering MS
Verma, Achal Software Engineering MS
Vetra, Ruta Communication BS
Vikani, Smeet Information Systems MS
Villalba, Alma A. Concrete Industry Management BET
Villalba, Alma A. Interior Design BA
Villaluz, Vanessa Faye T. Computer Engineering BS
Villarreal-Cesar, Christopher H. Architecture BS
Villarreal-Cesar, Christopher H. Civil Engineering BS
Vollo, Michelle A. Industrial Engineering BS
Vu, Theresa H. Industrial Engineering BS
Vuong, Huy Q. Information Technology BS
Vuong, Minh T. Information Technology BS
Wadhwa, Siddhant Computer Science MS
Waldman, Scott M. Architecture BAR
Waller, August J. Computer Science MS
Wang, Chong Information Systems PHD
Wang, Fan Electrical Engineering MS
Wang, Han Management MS
Wang, Jinzhen Electrical Engineering MS
Wang, Kai Computer Science MS
Wang, Rui Electrical Engineering MS
Wang, Tianyu Architecture BAR
Wang, William Business Administration MBA
Wang, Yiran Computer Science MS
Wang, Zhe Computer Science MS
Wang, Zihao Mechanical Engineering MS
Ware, Jonathan W. Computer Science MS
Warnock, Luke D. Chemical Engineering BS
Wegele, John F. Information Technology BS
Wei, Ke Electrical Engineering MS
Weinmann, Kurt C. Biology BA
Wells, Nasir S. Business BS
White III, Richard A. Civil Engineering BS
Whitney, Michael T. Mechanical Engineering BS
Wilchinsky, Orion Information Technology BS
Williams, Briana Business BS
Williams, Nicholas E. Business & Information Systems BS
Williams, Sabrina Engineering Management MS
Williamson, Alec T. Law, Technology, & Culture BA
Wilson, Tyler Electrical Engineering BS
Wimer, Christopher R. Business & Information Systems MS
Wolf, Derek R. Mechanical Engineering Tech BET
Wolf, Tyler A. Concrete Industry Management BET
Wolwowicz, Christine Chemical Engineering BS
Woodard, Brian Information Systems BA
Woods, Maya L. Biomedical Engineering BS
Wright, Kennedy Information Systems MS
Wu, Haokun Electrical Engineering MS
Wu, Keyuan Electrical Engineering MS
Wu, Siliang Materials Science & Engr PHD
Wu, Yidi Business BS
Wyatt, Austin Architecture BAR
Xu, Lishuai Computer Science MS
Xu, Yue Electrical Engineering MS
Yacinthe, Darshell Civil Engineering BS
Yadav, Sandeep Kumar Computer Science MS
Yakimik, Gregory Architecture BAR
Yan, Hongying Applied Statistics MS
Yandun, Sebastian Cyber Security & Privacy MS
Yang, Xiaoxi Electrical Engineering MS
Yang, Yufan Applied Statistics MS
Yanga, Kenneth E. Civil Engineering BS
Yao, Yao Management MS
Yasin, Usman Electrical & Computer Eng Tech BET
Yassa, Fady R. Mechanical Engineering BS
Yea, Daniel J. Biomedical Engineering BS
Yellepeddi, Srinath Computing & Business MS
Yen, Justin Biology BA
Yip, Jesse M. Electrical & Computer Eng Tech BET
Younus, Nasir M. Engineering Management MS
Yousef, Anthony Civil Engineering BS
Youssef, Steven M. Computer Science BS
Yrrizarri, Jonathan Civil Engineering MS
Yu, Jeffrey Information Technology BS
Yu, Junhong Electrical Engineering MS
Yu, Qilin Computer Science MS
Yu, Yao Chun Computer Science MS
Yuan, Jason Biology BA
Yuenthon, Theeraphol Web & Information Systems BS
Zablatzky, Joseph R. Electrical Engineering BS
Zahiri, Hssaine Surveying Engineering Tech BET
Zahur, Talia Engineering Management MS
Zaki, Andrew A. Mechanical Engineering BS
Zaki, Shady S. Information Technology BS
Zapata, Joshua Mechanical Engineering MS
Zaveri, Prit Electrical Engineering MS
Zegarra, Anthony Construction Engineering Tech BET
Zhang, Brian Architecture BS
Zhang, Jie Computer Science PHD
Zhang, Jinyuan Environmental Science MS
Zhang, Le Electrical Engineering BS
Zhang, Shuo Environmental Engineering MS
Zhang, Si Computer Science MS
Zhao, Ruixin Computer Engineering MS
Zhao, Yiwen Electrical Engineering MS
Zharov, Mikhail A. Computer Science BS
Zhu, He Materials Science & Engr MS
Zhu, Yalin Applied Statistics MS
Zida, Sabine Computer Science BS
Zito, Nicholas M. Electrical & Computer Eng Tech BET

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