Fall Registration Instructions

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Academic Calendar - NJIT Registration Calendar
Academic Calendar - Rutgers Newark Registration for Non-Matriculated Students
Advisor Approval Registration Priority
Applying for Graduation Registration for Project, Thesis or Doctoral Dissertation
Cross Registration: Essex County College Registration for Study Abroad
Cross Registration: Rutgers-Newark Registration for New Transfer Students
Cross Registration University of Medicine and Dentistry Refunds and Withdrawals
Disability Support Services Tuition and Fees
Family Education Rights to Privacy Act Veterans
Graduate Courses For Undergraduate Students  
Maintaining Registration  
New Jersey Tuition Rate Eligibility  

Registration Information

Visiting and current NJIT students should consult with their academic advisor to be certain that courses taken during the summer conform to the requirements of their course of study. Credit earned during the summer will be applied toward all degrees granted by the New Jersey Institute of Technology and may be transferred to colleges and universities throughout the country.

Registration Priority

The Registration period for all students is scheduled according to class year. Class year represents the total credits earned at NJIT including currently enrolled credits (this does not include any Rutgers or ECC courses) in addition to any transfer credit using the formula listed below.

Undergraduate Graduate
Freshman 0-28 Credits 1st Year Graduate 0-7 Credits
Sophomores 29-56 Credits 2nd Year Graduate 8-15 Credits
Juniors 57-90 Credits 3rd Year Graduate 16-22 Credits
Seniors 91+ Credits 4th Year Graduate 22+ Credits

Registration Calendar

All registration will take place online following the schedule listed below.

Undergraduate students may begin registering at 9:30 PM on their scheduled day.

Seniors April 15
Juniors April 16
Sophomores  April 17
Freshman April 18
All NJIT & Non-Matric Students April 19

Graduate and Doctoral students may begin registering at 5:00 AM on their scheduled day.

M4 and P4                              April 16
M3 and P3 April 17
M2 and P2                           April 18
M1 and P1 April 19

Late registration fee starts August 22, 2018. For more information please visit the Academic Calendar.


University policies and procedures are outlined in the NJIT graduate and undergraduate catalogues. Students are responsible for awareness of and adherence to these policies and procedures.

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In order to register for the current semester all students must meet with an advisor and have their registration approved. Contact your department for specific instructions. Students registering without the necessary approval may have their registration canceled.

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Contact your academic department to determine the advisor’s availability. In addition, academic advisors will be available during transfer orientation, which will occur in July and August. Information about transfer orientation will be mailed to all new students.

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Undergraduate Students

Students presently maintaining registration should access the course schedule and registration information online.

Students who intend to maintain registration must choose for the subject MR--Maintaining Registration and register for the appropriate section via online.

Graduate Students

Graduate Students enrolled in a degree program who find it necessary to temporarily discontinue their studies are permitted to maintain registration with approval of the office of Graduate Studies for a fee of $50 for each semester they do not register and for a maximum of two consecutive semesters. Students working on project, thesis or dissertation are generally not permitted to register for maintaining registration. International students on F-1 and J-1 visa status may not maintain registration unless they have obtained prior written permission from the Office of International Students and Faculty.

Each semester in which registration is maintained is counted in the total time period allotted to complete degree requirements except for students with an approved leave of absence. The Graduate Studies Office and the academic department will generally place registration holds on students who maintain registration for two semesters or more.

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Students must have their advisor's signature and section number each time they register for project, thesis or dissertation. Students who choose the option of spreading their project, thesis or dissertation over several semesters will have the final grade posted in the semester in which the work is completed.  Students are not permitted to maintain registration while working on project, thesis or dissertation. If the topic is not final, you must obtain tentative approval and register before the late registration date to avoid a late fee (See Graduate catalog for policy).

NOTE: International Students: Extended project or thesis registration may not be allowable for students (such as those on F-1 or J-1 visas) who must maintain full-time status each semester. Please consult the Graduate Studies office if you require information on full-time certification.

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Undergraduate students may register for graduate courses, 500 level or higher, only with the written approval of the undergraduate advisor and written approval of the graduate program advisor for the program offering the course. Tuition will be calculated at the undergraduate tuition rate and the credit applied to the undergraduate academic record.

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Students cross registering will need two forms: the NJIT registration form and an Exchange Registration form, which can be obtained in the Registrar's office. Students cross registering must include the course(s) taken at Essex County and RBHS (the host school) on their NJIT registration form when registering. List the same course(s) on the Exchange Registration form and obtain permission from the NJIT departmental representative. After obtaining approval, take the Exchange Registration form to the host school during their registration period. NJIT students adding, changing or withdrawing from courses at the host school must also complete a NJIT schedule change form and bring it to the NJIT Registrar's Office on the same date. All courses and all grades received at Essex County and RBHS are posted on the NJIT transcript.

Newark RBHS and ECC students follow the procedure noted above using the home school cross-registration approval forms.  Registrations will be processed in-person at the NJIT Registrar's Office on a space available basis.

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NJIT students registering for Rutgers-Newark courses must complete the registration form designated for Rutgers registration and submit it in person to the Registrar's Office in the Student Services Mall. All courses and all grades received at Rutgers-Newark are posted on the NJIT transcript. Please review the Rutgers schedule of courses before attempting to register. Rutgers University Schedule of Classes

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Students planning to attend NJIT as non-matriculated students must complete the application for non-matriculated students. Select the course(s) from the schedule of classes, complete the non-matric registration form and report with a copy of your college transcript to the University Admissions Office.

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If you are a continuing non-matriculating student, you do NOT need to go to the Office of University Admissions prior to registration, PROVIDED you meet the following conditions:

  1. Including the courses you plan to take, you will not exceed 9 semester hours of graduate course work,  or 15 hours of undergraduate course work.
  2. You are in good academic standing (3.0 for graduate students, 2.0 for undergraduates).
  3. You receive permission from the departmental advisor (graduate courses only).
  4. Non-Matriculated students should refer to the registration calendar for registration dates

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In order to be eligible for educational benefits for the term, all Veterans and members of the New Jersey National Guard must contact the Veterans Coordinator located in the Registrar's Office.

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After you have selected your classes, you may contact Disability Support Services, 973-596-5598, to discuss NJIT accommodations services or visit DSS website.

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Please refer to the Graduation website for information regarding applying for graduation.


A detailed statement of charges can be viewed via Highlander Pipeline.  Payment must be received by the due date. Unpaid registration will be subject to cancellation and a late fee. Students are responsible for payment of tuition and fees and must monitor their billing status via Highlander Pipeline. Under no circumstances will canceled registrations be reinstated after semester classes have ended.

Tuition and Fees

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In order to pay the New Jersey resident tuition rate students must have been legal residents of New Jersey at the time of application or have established New Jersey as their legal domicile since the time of admission. Students falling into this category must complete and submit a residency analysis form to the Registrar. It is assumed that full-time non-resident students who subsequently move to New Jersey after admission to NJIT are moving to the state in order to attend school. These students will not be considered residents of the state for tuition purposes.

New Jersey Institute of Technology may waive, at its discretion, for U.S. citizens and permanent residents the additional tuition normally charged students who are not legal residents of New Jersey if they are employed full-time by an industrial firm or business located within New Jersey. The student's employer must certify, in writing, that the course of study pursued at NJIT will enhance their value to the firm or business. Certification must be submitted each semester with payment of tuition.

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Eligible students must register in-person on the first day of the semester on a space-available basis.  See the Office of Financial Aid for additional information.

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Students who withdraw from NJIT voluntarily will receive a tuition refund based upon the refund schedule. They cannot be made via telephone. There will be no refund of tuition and fees after the second week of the semester for partial withdrawals. Refunds will only be granted for complete withdrawal from the university after the second week of classes.

All course withdrawals are completed online.

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