Federal Tuition Assistance (FTA)

Federal Tuition Assistance pays tuition directly to the school and the soldier is responsible for all fees.

Basic Eligibility Requirements

  • FTA is ONLY available after completing 1 year of service following AIT/OCS/BOLC
  • Cannot be used if student is using any other benefit other than Chapter 30 and Chapter 33. DoD has established a policy that FTA will not be authorized for classes for which a member is also receiving benefits under Chapter 1606 or Chapter 1607

How to apply

  • Soldiers must APPLY for FTA through www.GoArmyEd.com
  • Up to 60 days prior to and NO later than 1 week before the course start date. Applications will not be approved on or after course start date
  • Grades funded: Undergrad “C” or better; Graduate “B” or better
  • Statement of Understanding and signed approved Degree Plan must be updated to GoArmyEd.com


  • Subject to the availability of funds from the current Fiscal Year (FY) budget
  • $250 per semester hour (Not to exceed 100% of tuition; fees not authorized; up to $4,000 per soldier per fiscal year
  • Limited to 16 semester hours per FY; lifetime max 130 undergrad, 39 graduate
  • FTA may be used for a second  higher degree ONLY after 10 years of service unless FTA was NOT used toward any portion of undergraduate coursework
  • Can be used along with Chapter 33 or Chapter 30

How to use the benefit at NJIT:

  1. Complete a Veterans Affairs Program Card
  2. Obtain TA Authorization Form from Go Army Ed
  3. Submit all items to Lynn.M.Pawlowski@njit.edu or drop them off at the Registrar’s Office in the Student Mall
  4. Deadline to submit documents is two weeks before the first day of classes

**Any balance not paid by the DoD is the responsibility of the student.