Fall 2015 Academic Calendar

September 1 Tuesday First Day of Classes
September 5 Saturday Saturday Classes Begin
September 7 Monday Labor Day - No Classes - Administrative Offices Closed
September 8 Tuesday Last Day to Add/Drop a Class
September 8 Tuesday Monday Classes Meet
September 8 Tuesday Last Day for 100% Refund, Full or Partial Withdrawal
September 9 Wednesday W Grades Posted for Course Withdrawals
September 14 Monday Last Day for 90% Refund, Full or Partial Withdrawal - no refund for partial withdrawal after this date
September 28 Monday Last Day for 50% Refund, Full Withdrawal
October 19 Monday Last day for 25% Refund, Full Withdrawal
November 2 Monday Last Day to Withdraw
November 25 Wednesday Friday Classes Meet
November 26 Thursday Thanksgiving Recess Begins
November 29 Sunday Thanksgiving Recess Ends
December 10 Thursday Last Day of Classes
December 11 Friday Reading Day 1
December 14 Monday Reading Day 2
December 15 Tuesday Final Exams Begin
December 21 Monday Final Exams End
December 24 Thursday Final Grades Due