Transfer Credit Evaluation

Whether you are a student transferring admission from another college to NJIT or a current NJIT who has taken classes at another college, you need to have those classes evaluated by NJIT to determine if, and how many, credits will count towards your NJIT graduation.

Undergraduate Transfer Credit Evaluation

Patrick Fields, Assistant Registrar/Transfer Evaluator
Office of the Registrar
New Jersey Institute of Technology
University Heights
Newark, New Jersey 07102-1982 USA

Requesting Undergraduate Transfer Evaluation

Please include the following items:

  • Submit a Request for Transfer Credit form to Patrick Fields at the address noted above.
  • Include a catalog description of the Course(s) in question
  • Submit a World Education Evaluation for courses completed outside of the United States.

Please allow a minimum 10 working days to process your request since this request must be reviewed by the NJIT department that offers the equivalent course.

Transfer Credit from New Jersey Community colleges

Students who transfer to NJIT from any New Jersey county college should review the Comprehensive State-Wide Transfer Agreement for guidelines concerning transferability of credits from New Jersey public community colleges to NJ public four-year institutions.

Advanced Placement (AP) and International Baccalaureate (IB)

NJIT accepts credit for AP exams and IB higher level (HL) coursework. Details on the scores needed and transfer equivalencies can be found at

Requesting Graduate Transfer Evaluation

Transfer credits are calculated by NJIT according to the total number of instructional minutes earned at the other institution. The equivalent instructional minutes of a maximum of 9 credits of graduate work, taken within seven years, from accredited U.S. educational institutions may be transferred and applied to degree requirements at NJIT. Credits from educational institutions outside the United States (except Canada) cannot be transferred. On a case by case basis, up to 9 credits may be waived for non-collegiate based instruction. The university does not grant transfer credit for work experience or other non-instructional activities.

Credits are transferred only if the courses were taken for full academic credit, were never applied to any other degree, and a final grade of at least B was attained. In addition, the student’s graduate advisor and the Office of Graduate Studies must agree that such courses directly relate to the student’s program of study before they can be transferred.

Requests for transfer credit must be submitted on a form available from the Office of Graduate Studies, accompanied by course descriptions from the other educational institution. Students must also arrange for the other institution to send an official transcript to the Office of Graduate Studies at NJIT. Requests may be submitted and approved at any time but are not added to a student’s record until matriculation is granted. Grades that are transferred will not be calculated in cumulative GPAs.

Credit By Examination

Credit-by-examination offers NJIT students the opportunity to earn credit for certain NJIT courses if those students have acquired sufficient knowledge through nontraditional means like independent study and/or job related experiences. This program has two components: the College Level Examination Program (CLEP) and NJIT Department Testing.

The CLEP consists of standardized examinations and is supplemented by a related testing program called DANTES; a limited number of CLEP subject examinations may be taken to gain credit for certain NJIT courses. The courses for which CLEP examinations are accepted are mostly freshman level. Information about CLEP for NJIT is available on the CLEP website. Local testing centers can be found on the CLEP Test Center Search page.

For students interested in gaining credit for more advanced (upper division) courses, most of our academic departments offer a limited number of exams in their academic area. Interested students should contact the individual departments and learn about the availability of tests and procedures for being tested. Once the academic department has approved a request for a departmental examination, the student may be referred to the Counseling Center to complete forms.