For Researchers

The Office of Research provides a complete spectrum of infrastructure support to faculty research grants and contracts with dissemination of information about grant/contract opportunities, preparation and submission of proposal, pre-award support, grant/contract management and accounting, and post-award requirements.  The Office of Research website provides detailed information about these functions along with information about policies, protocols and forms to help faculty researchers submit proposals, and manage research grants and contracts efficiently.  The Office of Research provides research and development support services through Office of Sponsored Research Administration (SRA), Office of Grant and Contract Accounting (GCA), and Institutional Review Board (IRB).

Sponsored Research Administration (SRA), as part of the Office of Research, advises and assists faculty and staff members of the NJIT Community in all aspects of externally funded research projects and other scholarly activities — from the identification of a potential sponsor and the preparation of a proposal, through various administrative functions (related to budgets, personnel, sub-contracts, reporting and accountability, and negotiations with the sponsor) during the course of the project, to the submission of the documents required to close out the project. SRA serves as the primary agency liaison for pending, active and closed research grants/contracts.

Grant and Contract Accounting (GCA) is a part of the Office of Research and Development. GCA provides central services in support of NJIT's grants and contracts. GCA provides post-award support, complementing pre-award support from the Office of Sponsored Research Administration. GCA reviews purchases, student and graduate student employment, and personnel actions to ensure that they are compliant with sponsor regulations. GCA provides customer services to meet the specific needs of the many grant and contract Principal Investigators and administrative staff at NJIT.

The Institutional Review Board (IRB) reviews grant/contract proposal for use of human subjects in research and development investigations. The IRB ensures that the proposed human subject protocols used in research work at NJIT are in compliance with policies and guidelines of funding agencies.