Housing Procedures

Housing Procedures

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To check-in to your room, go to the building that you have been assigned, following opening dates published by Residence Life.  Fall 2017 dates are as follows (specific times will be posted closer to fall 2017 opening).

Sunday, August 27, 2017 – Monday, September 4, 2017 (Labor Day)
New Transfer/Grad & Upper class students living in Cypress, Honors, Laurel, Oak, Redwood, &  Greek Village

Wednesday, August 30, 2017|
First Year Students & Honors College

Residents must have a valid ID card to check into any building and must present it to the residence life staff. At check-in, you will receive a room key or combination, a mailbox key and NJIT ID (if you are a new student). You will also sign a room inventory form. This inventory form is a checklist regarding the condition of the room upon check-in and an accounting of the room furnishings. If you find any discrepancies with the room inventory, you must document and return it to your RA within 48 hours of your check-in.


If you have not checked into your room within 48 hours your scheduled check-in date, you will forfeit your room assignment and be charged the cancellation fee as indicated in the terms and conditions of the housing application and contract for fall 2016 through spring 2017.


Once you take possession of your room key or combination, you are responsible for your room fees for the academic year. Students may cancel their housing contract by contacting the Residence Life Office in writing. Please visit www.njit.edu/reslife for specific details on the cancellation policy in the terms and conditions of the housing application and contract.


To check-out of the room at the end of the semester, residents can either make an appointment with their RA to check-out or complete an express check-out.

For an express check-out:

Check-out within 24 hours of last exam or by the designated date and time. If there are special circumstances contact the RC.

  • Pack up all belongings.
  • Make agreements with roommate(s) to clean the room.
  • Make sure all belongings are out of the room, and the room is clean.
  • Return the mailbox and room keys in the “Express Check- Out” Envelope to the building office.

For check-out by a RA or Residence Life staff member:

  • Make an appointment to check-out with the RA.
  • Check-out within 24 hours of last exam or by the designated date and time. If there are special circumstances contact the RC .
  • Pack up all belongings.
  • Make agreements with roommate(s) to clean the room.
  • Make sure all belongings are out of the room, and the room is clean.
  • Walk through the room with the RA and sign the inventory form.
  • Return the mailbox and room keys.

After all students have completed check-out, a residence life staff member assesses each room for damage and/or cleaning charges. These charges are automatically placed on the resident’s bursar account. Residents are notified of the charges and the appeal process by mail in June.

Improper check-out will result in a $25 charge. Late check-out will result in a daily housing charge for each day you or your belongings remain in the room. Failure to return room keys will result in a $50 charge and failure to return the mail box key will result in a $25 charge.


Campus housing remains open for Thanksgiving, winter and spring breaks. Winter break is included in the academic year contract. Dining service is very limited during these time frames, as well as other services on-campus.


Damage Assessment

After check-out, the RA and RCs go through each room to assess damages and cleaning charges. This assessment, plus the total common area damages, is charged to the student’s account.

Damage Billing

If a student damages NJIT property, that student is subject to disciplinary action and repair costs. All common area damages in the residence hall are assessed as they occur.


If a resident wants to change his/her room, he/she will have the opportunity to do so after the first two weeks of each semester, if space is available. It is the responsibility of the resident to get written approval from the associate director prior to making the change. This can be done by completing the information on http://rha.njit.edu/reslifedevel/roomchange/. Illegal room changes may result in a $25.00 fine per person. Look for room change information posted on the web and in your email each semester.


Residence Life staff may inspect your room several times each semester in addition to the annual inspection by the state fire marshall. Residents are notified in advance of such inspections. Signs are posted informing students that inspections will take place within a two-week period. The residence life staff enters a room even if residents are not present. The residence life staff looks through each room inspecting for illegal items, cleanliness and safety issues. Residence Life staff will confiscate any illegal item(s) that are found. Confiscated item(s) may be claimed from your residence hall office by signing for them and taking them home before Thanksgiving and Memorial Day. After Thanksgiving and Memorial Day any confiscated item(s) that remain will be discarded.

During the room inspection process residence life staff makes note of any damages and will confiscate any illegal items. Failure to pass room inspections may result in fines of up to $50 per person and/or a judicial referral to Residence Life resulting in sanctions and/or dismissal from the residence halls. If a resident’s room fails inspection, the room is re-inspected within seven days. If the room fails the second time, the information is forwarded to the Residence Life Office for further action.

During break periods room inspections occur immediately after classes have concluded.


All repairs and maintenance are completed by NJIT through Physical Plant and/or contracted vendors. Authorized representatives of NJIT reserve the right to enter a room for facility inspection for reasons of health, safety, maintenance and damages. Such entry is confined to reasonable hours, except in the case of an emergency. Privacy considerations concerning proper knocking and identification are observed. Entry without notice may occur in emergencies, and for routine and immediate maintenance.

Maintenance repairs should be entered via the Residence Life Office’s Web page at http://www.njit.edu/reslife/maintenance.php.


Each spring semester, residents have the opportunity to participate in the room selection process for the following academic year. Students who choose to take part in room selection have an opportunity to choose their own rooms and roommate(s).


Policy violations that occur in campus housing are documented on a Residence Life Incident Report. (Examples of incidents include illegal parties, drugs, confiscated equipment, sports in the halls, etc.).


After an incident is documented on a Residence Life Incident Report, a copy of the incident report will be given to the RC (or designee) of the particular hall where the alleged incident occurred. The RC (or designee) reviews the report and sends a email to the resident requiring a meeting to be scheduled to discuss the alleged policy violation. Failure to attend any scheduled meetings with the RC (or designee) can result in additional disciplinary action including temporary restriction from the residence halls.

During the judicial meeting, the RC (or designee) will review the student’s rights and responsibilities, the alleged violations, and the incident report with the student. The student will indicate if he/she is responsible or not responsible for the alleged violations as indicated in the incident report. If the student admits that he/she is responsible, the RC (or designee) notifies the student of the administrative decision and any sanctions within five business days of the meeting. If the student pleads not responsible for the violation, the RC (or designee) will render a decision of responsibility based on all the facts presented in the incident report and from the conversation with the student.

A student has the right to request that their case be heard by another professional Residence Life staff member.

In all cases:

An appeal of the decision may be made on the basis of 1.) a question of fact, 2.) a question of procedure or 3.) severity of the sanction. The appeal must be made in writing to the director of residence life within three business days of receiving sanction notice. Failure to comply with the sanctions levied by the RC may result in additional sanctions including, but not limited to, possible loss of housing.

All damages or fines are charged to the student’s account; the student is notified that he/she must pay these charges to the Bursar’s Office.