Top 5 Reasons to Live On Campus

Our Top 5 Reasons You Should Apply Today!

#1 Increased Academic Success

Research of college students across the nation indicates that students who live on campus are more satisfied with their college experience, earn higher grade point averages, and are more likely to graduate.  (Source: The American Council on Education)

#2 Convenience and Proximity to Services

Living in our residence halls places everything you need at your fingertips.

You will save countless hours living on campus, providing additional time for your academic and social success. Recreational facilities, libraries, classroom buildings, professors, transportation, and a myriad of campus events are literally just steps away. Plus NJIT is located in the vibrant University Heights district of downtown Newark and just 20 minutes from Manhattan by train!

#3 Making Connections

Living on campus will surely connect you to new and diverse friends. The friendships you form and the memories you make during your time in housing will stay with you forever. These friends will become your family away from family!

#4 Worry-Free Living

With your resident fees and meal plan, all the basics such as utilities, rent, furniture, and amenities are covered. NJIT resident students avoid the hassles of setting up utilities, paying monthly bills, and wasting time commuting to class, the library, or the gym.

#5 Residence Life Staff

Living on campus means independence, but it does not mean that you are alone. From the moment you arrive in August to the moment you graduate in May, the Residence Life staff is here to build community and to help you get involved.