Incoming Freshman


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) for Placement Testing

When will I be notified about taking my math placement test?

Upon receipt of your deposit, you will be notified by Admissions via e-mail regarding your placement testing information and registration. For more information about placement testing, click here.

What if I cannot take the placement test on my assigned date?

Your placement test date should be kept except in rare circumstances. If you must change it, you will need to contact the Center for Student Success - Placement Testing at (973) 596-8389 to determine an alternative test date.

How long is the math placement test?

The math placement test is approximately 2 hours and is divided into three sections: Basic Algebra (25 problems), Advanced Algebra (25 problems) and Trigonometry (30 problems). (Calculator usage not allowed.)

Is it necessary to prepare for the math placement test?

Since the math placement test is used to determine your first-semester math course, we strongly recommend that you prepare for the math placement test by reviewing the subject areas on the test. Please review practice questions and answers as well as take a sample test and review possible math course placement by using the placement calculator. (Calculators are not permitted during the test.)

Do I need to take the English placement test?

Only students whose Old SAT Writing score is below 470 or the New SAT Writing/Language sub-score is below 28 or ACT English is below 19 are required to take the English placement test. All international students are required to take the English placement test. (If a student takes both the SAT & ACT, the SAT score takes precedence in determining course placement.)

How long is the English placement test?

The English placement test (Criterion) is approximately 1 hour, and you will have to write two essays on selected topics.

If I receive extra time on exams at my current/previous school, how do I receive the same accommodations on the placement test?

You need to contact Ms. Chantonette Lyles, Assistant Director of Disability Support Services at (973) 596-5417 or to make arrangements for accommodation during the placement test. (Registration for testing accommodations is by appointment only and not on-line)

When will I receive my test results?

Within 5-10 business days via e-mail.

What if I fail my math placement?

The placement test is not a pass/fail exam. Your scores determine the math course in which you will be placed for your first semester at NJIT. If you believe that your initial placement test scores are not representative of your mathematical capabilities and level, you may request a one-time retake of the math placement test. (No calculators permitted.)

Do I need permission to take a Pre-Calculus math course at another college/university?  

As an incoming freshman, prior to matriculation, no special permission is needed to take a pre-Calculus math course at another college/university. Please consult with your academic advisor prior to registering. Students should make sure the course that is equivalent to their NJIT placement.  Continuing NJIT students MUST obtain prior approval from the Department of Mathematical Sciences before taking any math course at another school. Click here for details.

If I decide to take a Pre-Calculus course at another college/university, what grade do I need in the course to move to the next level?

You need a grade of C or better in order to move to the next level math course. Students should make sure the course in which they register is equivalent to their NJIT course placement. For example, if a student placed into Math 108 after taking the NJIT placement test, the student should register for the equivalent course to Math 108 at the other college/university. (See equivalency table.)  An official transcript from the college/university at which the course was taken must be submitted to NJIT in order for you to receive transfer credit.

Do my high school grades truly matter for placement into classes?

Your high school grades do have some impact on course placements. It is imperative that your final transcript is submitted to the Admissions Office upon completion of your high school courses.

Are my first semester classes merely general education requirements or are they specific to my major?

Your first semester courses consist of general education requirements as well as specific major courses depending upon course placements, departmental standards, and major curriculum. Please review major requirements in this catalog:

If I am taking advanced placement courses, can I be exempt from the taking the placement test?

Students who have taken the Advanced Placement Exam through College Board and/or have completed a college-level course affiliated with a college/university and can provide a transcript from the college/university and/ or have obtained a certificate of completion of International Baccalaureate courses may be eligible for exemption from placement testing. Please contact Ms. Margo Gilchrist at (973) 596-8389 for further details. (Please note: Your courses should have been completed before or during your junior year in order to be exempted.)

Can I take the placement test more than once?

If you believe that your initial placement test scores are not representative of your mathematical capabilities and level, you may request to take the math placement test a second time. We allow only one retake. Retaking of the English placement test is at the discretion of the Humanities Department.

If I have earned Advanced Placement course credits, where do I send my results?

As long as you requested that your results be sent to NJIT through the College Board, your scores will be sent directly to the Registrar's Office here at NJIT. If you have not done so, then please request that your AP report is sent to New Jersey Institute of Technology, Office of Registrar, University Heights, Newark New Jersey 07102.  If you have taken a course in high school that was affiliated with a college/university, you need to have an official transcript sent from that college/university to New Jersey Institute of Technology, Office of Admissions, University Heights, Newark New Jersey 07102.

What does my course placement mean?

Course placements in math and English are determined by the results of your placement tests as well as SAT/ACT scores and advance course credit. Students are to register for the courses in which they were placed according to criteria established by the various academic departments base on major/curriculum. For more details, please click math or English.

New incoming freshmen who place in Math 107, Math 108 or Math 110 are encouraged to retake the placement test and/or register for a Pre-Calculus course during the summer. Consult with your academic advisor before registering for a summer course.